Oct 8, 2010

Back to Totschool!

We have two new students in our little school for penguins. Kevin and Gracie come over three days a week and they have started Totschool. Kevin is three and Gracie is not-quite-yet two. They join in our Circle Time with gusto (although Gracie prefers to hand out high-fives instead of listening to the books I read aloud) and then they have their own little boxes and mats to work on. For the first week, they did great. The first day, we talked about their mats and I went through each box, to show them how it worked. They each colored a bit, Kevin did one box, and they were done. The second day, I reminded/helped them with their mats, Kevin did each box one time, Gracie colored and played with the puzzle, then they were done. The third day, Kevin remembered his mat and did it on his own while I helped Gracie. He worked for about ten minutes on his boxes before heading off to play. Gracie colored, played with the puzzle and then spent a long time putting the pebbles in the jar and taking them out again.

IMG_2188edited.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

IMG_2192edited.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

I'm thinking that having them do the same boxes is not going to be the best for them, though. I think Kevin is going to be too far ahead of her and is going to need to be challenged a bit more.  I'm excited, though, and having a lot of fun dragging back out all the Totschool stuff I had had to put away!

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Jeanne said...

Oh you are brave taking on two more!


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