Oct 4, 2010

Daybook: Oct. 4

Out my window: It's crisp and fresh. :) I love autumn!!! Oh, and there's a puppy out there somewhere, stalking crickets.

I am listening to: dinosaurs roaring in the playroom.

I am thankful for: the entertainment of small children and the blessings that God gives us even when we don't deserve them.

From the kitchen: I'm working on creating a good chicken spaghetti recipe.

I am creating: lots and lots of blog posts, Totschool lesson plans, and order in the schoolroom (hopefully)

I am praying for: trust and faith and obedience

Around the house: accountability is a wonderful thing. Small children growing big enough to be helpful is an even more wonderful thing. 

One of my favorite things: the sound of a horde of little kids playing peacefully together

A few plans for the rest of the week: science lessons for tomorrow, and lots of playing outside in this beautiful weather

I am thinking: that it is great when God blesses, but it is even greater when we don't "throw fits" waiting on His timing for that blessing

I am going: to stay home all week! :)

From the learning rooms: wrapping up ancient China, "swimming with" whales, learning the letter U in many different facets, and jumping back into Totschool...

A picture thought I am sharing:

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