Oct 1, 2010

Ideas Needed

We are cutting back on "media" around here and I am creating a list of acceptable alternative activities for after school times: preferably things the kids can do with little or no help from me so I can actually get some housework done.
If you have any ideas for what I can add to my list, would you leave me a comment? I would so greatly appreciate it!


Angela said...

We're pretty easy over here: they can read, build a fort, play with whatever toy of the week is out or go in the back yard, or they can play with games, etc from the game closet which is always available.

One More Equals Four said...

My kids love playing games and they love making simple "crafts" especially to go with whatever season we are in. They are pretty independent with that and now that it is cooling off, they spend a lot of time playing outside. Nothing too creative, they are pretty good about finding ways to entertain themselves. If you are doing a little bit of media time. I find that if they watch a certain movie, they like to "play" it with their toys. For instance, after watching Mickey Mouse, they will create Disney World in their room and play with it for a week! That's about all I've got!

musicalmary said...

I remember this vividly from my childhood... when my mom would fix dinner she would give me a bucket of water and lots of paintbrushes... she told me go outside and paint the pool deck (my kids paint the sidewalk)... I am amazed at how much fun kids can have with water and paintbrushes on a sunny afternoon!

Kris said...

I have a rice bucket with funnels, empty containers, measuring cups...anything! The kids love this. Messy, but a quick vacuum and it is worth the hour of engaged playtime.

Other ideas, reading, craft projects, puzzles, games, or outside play.

Jen said...

I have a love/hate relationship with media! My kids like to listen to audio books and will often go up to their rooms and listen/play for a good chunk of time. Other than that I try to rotate toys a bit. My older boys really haven't got into games too much yet - I need to encourage them to do that! Good luck :)

love2teach2day said...

We pretty much always have mandatory outdoor time...unless it's absolutely pouring rain. :)


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