Oct 16, 2010

Thank You for Your Ideas!!! Here's Our List.

A while back, I asked help for ideas for a list of things the kids could do, not only here, but also on a couple of forums I frequent, and I got some good ideas. So I sat down to type up the list and Kaytie and Nate joined me to give their suggestions. They had some really creative ideas and we wound up with quite the list.
Before I show you the list we came up with, I want to clarify a couple of things... 
First, this list is for them to browse and use on their own. I am willing to help gather necessary supplies, but otherwise, they choose and implement completely independently. I am not standing over them giving instructions or ideas. They can choose whatever they want from the list or simply use the list to inspire an idea of their own!
Secondly, this list is for their own free time. They do chores and help me at other times of day. I want them to value work, but I also want them to fully experience the timelessness of playtime when they can be creative, use their imaginations, or just lie on the grass and cloud gaze. 
Third, this list is more for Kaytie and Nate than for Daniel and Abbie. The younger two have the type of personalities where they entertain themselves easily, and it really seems to be easier to amuse yourself when you are three and four than it is when you are six and seven.
This list has really worked wonders with curbing our afternoon tv time. When someone says, "Can we watch a movie?" I say, "No, but you can choose something from The List." And they run off to read it until they find something. I printed the list off and they know where it is kept in the schoolroom. 
Oh, and yes, the last one is sorta a joke. They both understood that it really meant, "If you have read this entire list and STILL not come up with an idea, then there is no help for you. Sorry."

You May Choose Something To Do From This List

  1. build an ancient city in the garden (make rivers, mountains)
  2. make a fairy house in the backyard
  3. have a “picnic” or “tea party”
  4. hunt for bugs
  5. go outside and sketch
  6. bring in a rock and sketch it
  7. take binoculars out and birdwatch
  8. play with the trains
  9. use blocks/lego/Jenga or all 3 to:                                                                                                      
build the great wall of China   
build the Eiffel Tower  
build a farm  
build an ancient city
    1. play with k’nex
    2. play with dollhouse:
    have dolls visit different states that we have learned about
    have the dolls take a field trip to the farm
    take the dolls on a world tour

    1. take some dinosaurs on a trip to France
    2. build a fort with pillows and blankets in the bedroom
    3. make a city of bird’s nests in the garden
    4. compose a dance and write down the steps
    5. create your own game and write down the rules
    6. paint the sidewalk with water
    7. wash baby dolls in front yard
    8. write a poem
    9. make paper airplanes
    10. practice your skateboarding
    11. read a book
    12. have an archaeological dig in the garden
    13. be a jungle explorer in the yard
    14. collect leaves and sketch them
    15. turn the front yard into the Arctic and choose your favorite Arctic animal to be
    16. science box
    17. build/invent/fix around the house with the toolbox
    18. make up an exercise program and write it down
    19. go on a scavenger hunt outside
    20. write a story
    21. set up an obstacle course
    22. play dress up
    23. set up a zoo with the animals
    24. do a puzzle
    25. get animals/dinosaurs/dolls (little people) and write a play for them to act out
    26. play detective and write clues for each other to solve
    27. draw a map of the yard
    28. hide treasure in the yard and make a map so someone else can find it
    29. play pirates with the climbing tree as the mast of your ship
    30. make a museum in the playroom
    31. act out a Bible story
    32. use the flannelgraph board
    33. write a “Magic Schoolbus” book
    34. set up a restaurant or bakery in the garden
    35. play Wonderpets
    36. art project
    37. build an invention
    38. use the playroom as a ship or airplane and go on a journey
    39. go camping
    40. be firemen
    41. set up a grocery store
    42. play with playdough
    43. make paper dolls
    44. be doctors
    45. be dentists
    46. make an insect, bird, or flower guide
    47. write about your favorite animal
    48. play house
    49. find shapes in the clouds
    50. dance to music
    51. take a nap
    Thank you all again for your ideas and suggestions!!!


    musicalmary said...

    I love your list and I'm stealing it!!! I need to tweak it a little based on some things we do and don't have, but I just appreciate the effort you put into compiling it. Homeschoolers are just good people!

    Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

    This is a great list and a great idea! As the weather turns colder this will be handy to have. Too bad no one is offering us the opportunity for the last item on the list ;)

    One More Equals Four said...

    LOVE IT! This is every mom's dream for the dreaded, "I'm bored, there is nothing to do!" I even found things on here my 13 year old would like! Thanks for sharing.

    D and A said...

    Great idea! I will be sharing this link on my blog this week and using the list myself!

    Amy @ Missional Mama

    April said...

    Great list... lol. I need an older boy one for my kids - they always say, "but Mom, we have NOTHING to do." Unless it's playing video games, of course. Yep, I need a list. Pick one from here and do it, but no video games!

    Popping by from the Crew - come visit any time...


    Michelle said...

    Followed a link from the Crew...and I love this list. I am going to share the link on my blog soon as well as use it with my own kids (with a little tweaking) THANKS!


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