Dec 4, 2010


We are officially done with our first term of this school year. Kaytie and Nate had their exams on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day and did admirably. Kaytie got all As and Nate got all As except for one B. They were not as excited with their report cards this time as they were last time. And both were highly offended that Daniel and Abbie did not have exams.
We did pretty well at keeping up with my lesson plans in everything except for science. The big kids finished All About Spelling Level One, and Math U See Beta, so they get to start the next levels in both of those in January. The little kids will be starting Shiller Math. I received a free copy of the books from a mom in my local homeschool group, and discovered that we already have all (in some form) of the manipulatives required. I think Daniel is going to zip through the first book, so I might mix in some Math U See Alpha for him. But I'll talk more about that in a "What we are going to do next term" post.
Meanwhile, we need to catch up in science. Also, they all are at a point in math (and the little kids in phonics, as well) that they need to practice the new concepts they just learned. I don't want to take a four week break before they do that. So the plan is to do "Holiday School". Basically, I will set up "centers" in the place of our workboxes. The difference is that they won't change daily, and will be geared for skill building instead of one time activities. We will work on our science book, review math, phonics and handwriting, and do fun Christmas crafts. We also have some review items to work on, but those are mostly on the computer and therefor "fun".

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Jeanne said...

Well done Kaytie and Nate.

Sounds like you guys are doing great!


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