Dec 10, 2010

TOS Review: Good Morning, God

In our homeschool, we use Apologia Science, which we thoroughly enjoy. So we were pleased to discover that one of our TOS reviews would be a book from the same company.

Good Morning, God is a beautiful picture book written by Davis Carman with the goal of introducing kids to the idea of worshiping God with and in their daily activities. It is meant to be read every day for a week and there are questions and activities for each day at the end of the book.
This book was a hit with my children (who range in age from 4 to 8). We read it through and talked over the questions at the end each day. It was a gentle and fun way to discuss some important topics.

I liked the beautiful artwork and the fact that although the little boy was far from perfect, every naughtiness was paired with a parent gently reproving in the background, so my kids got the message that parents are there to teach us. Most books about children either portray them as perfect or they rampage unchecked. I also liked the subtle reference to homeschooling and the larger than average family, since the kids rarely see either in the books they read.

Kaytie's opinion:
I liked it because it is about a boy who does daily things every day of the week and prays every night of the week. It taught me that worshiping God isn't just songs, it is praying and helping others and being healthy. I liked the questions at the end, some were too hard... I had to look for the answer, but I found it!  .

Nate's opinion:
I thought it was nice. It taught me that I can worship God by enjoying His nature. The questions were boring because I don't like answering questions. (And it's true, I had to drag these three sentences out of his mouth!)

Daniel's opinion:
It taught me about God. It taught me about obeying the rules and that God likes me. I can worship God at church, at home, and by obeying and praising God.

Abbie's opinion:
She smiled a big smile and said she liked it. She learned that worshiping God is obeying and having fun with Mommy and with her sister.

You can order this book from Apologia's website for $14.

You can read what other Crew Members thought here.

And as always, this book was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions belong to us and are honest, (especially Nate's).

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