Dec 1, 2010

TOS Review: Master Innovations

When I first started teaching Kaytie and Nate about measurement, we spent a ton of time wrestling over the ruler. I bought a couple of regular wooden rulers and started talking about measuring. But then, every lesson, we had to go over which side of the ruler to use: inches or centimeters. Then, we had to figure out which line to talk about. They were confused, I was frustrated. It was no fun for anyone.
I just introduced Daniel and Abbie to measurement and it was much much MUCH simpler. Let me tell you why! I was blessed to be able to use Master Innovations' Master Ruler. We received two rulers made of sturdy plastic just like a regular ruler, a poster, and a reproducible workbook. There were two rulers because one is for inches and the other for centimeters. We lost half the headache right there! But even better, each ruler is actually several rulers in one. Linked together with sturdy plastic rings, the rulers flip and have only ONE unit of measurement on them. For example, the bottom ruler, which is white, has only inches marked on it. The others are all clear and are only marked with 1/2 inches, 1/4 inches, 1/8 inches, and 1/16 inches. They layer on top of each other so that as each measurement is taught, it can be added on top of the earlier learned measurement.  The centimeter ruler works the same way, with three rulers marked dm, cm, and mm. This made it all so easy! Kaytie and Nate even gained a better understanding of how it all worked after using these rulers.
The poster was sturdy, colorful, and fun, and compares each measurement to a real life object the kids can relate to. For instance: the ladybug is 1/4 inch, and an inch is the length between the first and second knuckle of the pointer finger. They really liked that.

And finally, the workbook. It consisted of a measurement chart, two pages of suggestions of activities to use to teach measurement, fractions, map skills, area, perimeter, volume and diameter, (not a ton of ideas, but a very good jumping off place) and worksheets for the kids to practice what they learn. We did not use all of the worksheets, because it covers everything and some of it is a little beyond where Kaytie and Nate are. I believe, though, that it has a worksheet for each measurement on the ruler. It has fractions and area/perimeter worksheets as well.
It's easy to tell that I liked this product a lot, but let me list some of the specific things I appreciated.
First, I like that it is sturdy enough that I can hand it to one of MY kids and expect to get it back in good condition.
Second, it is a brilliant idea and made teaching measurement so much easier! I really don't know why someone didn't do this long ago!
Third, I love that it goes beyond just a ruler and gives a visual way to present fractions, so we will use this for several years, in many different ways.
Fourth, I like the way the poster presents the information in an eye-catching, many-faceted way, so my kids liked to look at it and learned something from it.
And,  finally, as an on-a-budget mom to more than one kid, I love that the workbook is reproducible and I don't have to buy several copies of it.
All in all, this review left with me a strong desire to check out there other products, the Master Clock, Master Fractions, and Master Angles.
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And as always, I was sent this product free in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Julie said...

Great review! I really wish I had been in on this one lol. I am definitely going to get these. :)


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