Jan 22, 2011

Term Two, Week Three

This week was a tough week for us. It started out with a bad day on Monday... one of those days where if it can go wrong, it did. So we, ok, I was distracted for the rest of the week. We did manage to get most everything done, but we did not do it in our usual routine... which meant we were all just a little crazy all week long. And besides all that, our little friends were on vacation this week, so they were of no help whatsoever in bringing us back to our routine.

2nd and 3rd Grade:

Math: Multiplication is, so far, fairly easy for them. In MUS, they started learning x 0 and x 1. They were thrilled with how easy it was! They did a couple of  Math Mammoth worksheets on measurement and geometry. They fight over who gets the Master Ruler and I might as well not even have any other kind! They also worked hard on Math Facts Now and a couple of other review items. I'm starting to hope we might, someday soon, be finished with addition fact drills. It was not so long ago that I strongly considered giving up in despair!

Grammar: We got behind in our Rod and Staff books this week, due to the craziness, but I'm not that worried... yet. The kids have yet to complain about the amount of writing required, and they are actually learning something! So I am happy so far. A word of warning though, if you HAVE to do everything assigned, these might not be for you. I am leaving out bits and pieces of review work here and there when I know they know the material. Or we do the review orally, very quickly, instead of taking the time to write it out. I also split up assignments between them... one child does the odd sentences the other does the even ones.

History: We read about Babylon, and they were amused by the story of King Nebuchadnezzar's pride and humbling. Kaytie also liked the story of the Hanging Gardens that he built for his wife. They drew a picture of the Gardens, and I really liked the result of drawing for narration. We will do that more often. We also read a book about the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World that Kaytie enjoyed. In fact, she currently has it in her room, so I can't tell you the exact title and author, sorry!

Geography: They worked on North Carolina. We stick pretty close to our formula of coloring pages and map work. They are slowly getting better at map work, except Kaytie always "draws her mountains upside down" and then complains about it. We have started indulging in Stack the States, an app I found for my iPhone. I am amazed at the educational value of an iPhone!

Spelling: In All About Spelling, they finished up Step Two and wrote sentences using spelling words. Fun, fun, fun! I thought at first "What a big step in challenge there is between Level One and Level Two!" But then I realized that Level One, was, essentially, review for them, and now we are in material they simply do not know. So they are having to work harder.

Bible: They read the first chapter of Luke and attempted to answer my questions without talking in order to experience what Zechariah went through for nine months.

Science: We finished up turtles and started on frogs. We are behind in our lapbooking, but they can usually do several in one sitting, so we can catch up next week. The favorite part of turtles was trying to crawl like a turtle, and watching a video of baby turtles running for the sea.

Handwriting: Using the Peterson method, they worked on the lowercase letter "l". Probably the easiest letter they will ever have!

Kindergarten and PreK:

Math: Daniel blew through another six or seven lessons. Pretty good since he only did math a couple of days this week. Even at our fast rate, I don't think I'm going quick enough for him. This week, in one lesson, he was supposed to be drawing a number card and then counting out cubes to match. He drew the number 5, pulled out three cubes and snapped them together. Then he pulled out two more cubes and snapped them together. Then he announced, "Three plus two equals five!" He did this with every number he drew! :)
Abbie is a few lessons behind him, but is moving right along. Her favorite lessons are when she gets to draw her answers in her math notebook.

Bible: They are still working their way through the story of Joseph. Like their siblings, they beg to do Bible every day. I'm considering getting the teacher's guide, since this curriculum is obviously here to stay!

Phonics: Daniel is loving and flying through his readers that we are reviewing. Abbie, however, is not doing so well. Every day she gets a little more grumpy and a little more reluctant. Even giving her a sparkly princess pointer wand to use did not motivate her, so I think she is going to go back to games and little homemade books for the rest of the term. We will try again later.

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Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Gotta love those crazy weeks! Comes with the territory I suppose. Thanks for linking up again, hoping you have a much less crazy week!

Wendy said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today! I signed up to follow you, and I'd love it if you want to follow me back. :) Last week for us was really crazy too! Today wasn't much more organized either. Every Monday my sis and her kids eat lunch here. Then she and I take turns taking the girls to ballet while the other stays here and keeps the boys. It's always a fun day, but we don't get a lot done! Hope this week goes much better for you. :)


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