Jan 14, 2011

Term Two, Weeks One and Two

We have yet to complete an entire week of school, as in, working every single day, but we are getting all our work done, so it is okay.
The big kids are taking off with MUS Gamma and really caught on to multiplication. We have been talking about "groups and sets" for awhile now, and Nate had already started doing multiplication in his head, on his own, for fun, without knowing the language. So now I am just basically giving him the language. We are also enjoying our Math Mammoth sheets. They do a measurement page and a geometry page a week.
The little kids are flying through Shiller math. Kevin is working on shapes and colors. It baffles me because one day he knows them perfectly and the next he acts totally clueless. I am using the Montessori Three Point Lesson method, and we keep moving between point one and point two depending on the day. Abbie hit her first snag on Lesson Nine, and is pausing there to work on recognizing the numbers 6, 7, and 8. Daniel has finished the first 15 lessons and is still going strong. I love that the lessons are so simple that I don't even mind that all three kids are doing something different! On his own, Daniel is doing simple addition. All day he comes to me and informs me that "3 + 2 is 5!" and other similar math facts. It's fun!
In preschool news: Kevin knows that a says a. He is an incredible colorer, and is keeping me busy giving him fun and educational work. He has enjoyed puzzles, lacing cards, matching colors, sorting letters and different sized "snowballs" (cotton balls and white puffballs) and did an awesome job playing Alphabet Bingo. He figured out quickly how to match the shape of the letter I showed him to the letter on his card.
Daniel and Abbie have learned all of their letters except for confusing b, p, q and d. There are a couple of others that Abbie has issues with, but they can play Alphabet Bingo now without being shown the cards. I'm going to move it up a level with them and call out letter sounds instead of letters for them to find.
They are also working hard on a reading program we are reviewing. Daniel is nearly a third way through the first level and Abbie is right behind him. They are enjoying it, which makes it easy for me. They are also still working through Talking Fingers. Daniel can do it independently now, hooray! And they play around on Starfall as well. Some of their boxes always contain fun things like puzzles, coloring sheets, and little games that are mostly review for them. In Bible, they are learning about Joseph.
Rod and Staff Grammar (which is new this term) is going well for Kaytie and Nate. I am a little surprised that they have not complained about the amount of writing they have to do. It gives me a good opportunity to work on handwriting as well. Kaytie says she likes the new grammar better than the old one. Nate says he dislikes both, but he dislikes the old one more. We are currently working on alphabetizing to the third letter, and finding the subject and the predicate in the sentence. They have even started diagramming sentences. We do not do every bit of the work assigned, but I try to just pull a bit to work on everyday from the lessons. I also choose to do some of the written work orally. But on the whole, it is working well for us!
In History, we learned about the Phoenicians, which was fun, and about the very first librarian, which delighted Kaytie, my little bookworm.
In Bible, we finished up Daniel and started the life of Christ... right after Christmas... great timing huh?
In Science, we read about manatees and started turtles. The kids watched some videos of both on the Internet. You haven't lived until you've seen manatees kiss. But their favorite was watching baby sea turtles crawl up out of the sand and run to the sea. We love babies around here... :)
Geography was Virginia and West Virginia. Handwriting was all about practicing writing our numbers correctly. And we do a little Latin twice a week. The kids are really struggling with the different sounds of the vowels, Kaytie more than Nate. They also worked on memorizing Psalm 23, and had some fun playing Math Facts Now, watching a Spanish program that we are reviewing and working on some other reviewing items as well.
So it was a great couple of weeks! And I am ready to start on next week. :)
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Patty said...

Wow! You had a busy week. My pre-schooler didn't start loving his colors, numbers, and shapes until mid-term 1st semester. Now he is on a roll. He likes to lace until he discovers how many other "creative" things he can tie up with that string:) Thanks for stopping by my place today. Have a great weekend!

Giggly Girls said...

Sounds like a great start to your term.

We're MUS users too. It was our third math program and we love it.

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Thanks for linking up this week! You accomplished a great deal :) My younger kids are using MUS, but we are starting Horizons next week for my oldest. He doesn't like the challenge of math, so we will see how that goes. Great job on the younger kids learning all their letters! Have a great weekend.

T4LMama said...

Whew - what a week you've had! :)

I use Latina Christiana with my 6th grader and I've been giving some serious thought to starting my younger kids on Prima Latina, in that same series. What are you using for Latin, and would you recommend it? Thanks!

"Accidental homeschooling" mom of five!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

It sounds like you're doing great! I love the flexibility of homeschooling, and working at the pace that is right for our kids!

I’ve nominated your blog for the Stylish Blogger Award. You can pick your award up here:


Wendy said...

I use Math Mammoth with my 3rd grader. It works really well for her. We've tried other math programs in the past but couldn't find a good fit for her until we discovered Math Mammoth. We love it!


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