Jan 10, 2011

TOS Review: Easy Classical

I like schedules. I like plans and lists and goals. So I was very interested when we were asked to review Easy Classical Early Modern History Schedule. Basically, we were just given a free download of the schedule and asked to tell you what we thought.
This schedule is based on Well-Trained Mind principles and utilizes narration and notebooking and lots of "living books". It is a Classical Education made easy. Everything you need to teach your subject has already been researched and compiled for you into one easy to follow schedule. Lists of books to read aloud, projects, activities, writing assignments... much more than you would ever need or be able to do!
I liked the way it is laid out a week-at-a-glance. Your reading, narrating, history songs to sing, writing, projects, etc.  are all on one page. At the bottom of the page are comprehension questions and the answers which you can use to gauge your child's understanding. Also, on the same page is a list of the supplies you need to gather for the next week. That was my favorite part!
Without actually implementing this schedule, or even being able to personally look over the resources required, I can not give you a thorough opinion on how it would work for me and my kids, but it looks simple and well-laid out and actually, a lot of fun. I know I will at the very least make good use of the lists of books at the beginning and the art projects at the end of the schedule when we go through this period of history later on.
A complete list of the resources used in this schedule can be found on Easy Classical's site here and you can find a small sample of the schedule here.

For what other Crew Members thought, click here.

And as always this product was given to me free for the purpose of telling you about it. All opinions are my own.

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