Feb 21, 2011

Learning to Read

Right about the time Daniel and Abbie FINALLY finished learning all their letter sounds, and were ready to start putting them together to form words and sentences, we received a reading curriculum in the mail to review. I will be telling you all about that later on... but for now, just let me say that while it was perfect for Daniel, it was too much for Abbie. She is a year younger and a lot more, ummm, giggly than he is, so I wasn't surprised that we had to take a step back. I already had some things ready for her that I had planned to use before we got the review item. It's just simple, easy stuff that gives her daily practice in reading words without overwhelming her by asking her to read an entire book in one go!
I keep these in the "reading" workbox, and she does one every day, with the goal of doing each one once a week.
First up are these little books that I made by cutting a sheet of paper into strips and writing letters on with a marker then stapling it together. Not beautiful, but functional, and fun for her to read "all by herself"!

Next are picture cards of CVC words. I have tons of these that I made to teach Kaytie and Nate spelling before we discovered All About Spelling. However, I only put out about five at a time. I match them with these wooden magnetic letters that I bought a while back at a homeschool sale. She looks at the picture, says the word, and finds the right letters to match the sounds in the word, sound by sound.

And finally, I have paint chips with holes and paint chips without, and she puts them together to make words. Again, I only use one "family" at a time, and just the letters that actually make words. Nonsense words irritate me and frustrate them. It loses the joy of stringing together a random selection of sounds and discovering the word.

She also reads on Starfall, and every now and again, I will write out sentences for her, using easy to read words. She likes that a lot. Eventually, she will make that leap to reading books, but for now, she is getting daily practice without the dramatic sighs and clutching of the forehead.


Susan said...

Great ideas...I always knew that those paint chips with holes had to be good for something;0)

Christina said...

Thanks for some more reading ideas! There are days when my dd is just not happy with what I had planned out for her. I will be linking to your post.


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