Feb 19, 2011

Term Two, Week Six

I haven't been posting weekly wrap-ups, but we have been working! I rearranged the schoolroom just a bit to accommodate three or four "boxes" for Gracie and the same for Kevin. The hardest part right now is juggling one-on-one time with Daniel, Abbie, and Kevin while keeping Nate and Kaytie on task with their "independent" work. The second hardest part is filling Daniel and Abbie's thirst for worksheets. Right now, they are working through the Get Ready for the Code series, and loving every minute of it. I don't want to give them a new page every day, though, because when that is done, I've got nothing.
Anyway, here is what we have been up to:

2nd and 3rd Grade:
Math: They are flying through multiplication! They know 0, 1, and 10 facts, and almost know the 2 facts. They are also really loving their current math review item. I'll be revealing it next week. This is a must-buy item for us, because we love it so much!

Grammar: The new has worn off Rod and Staff for the kids, but they are retaining the information and getting some good handwriting practice to boot. We have learned about the four types of sentences and punctuation marks, including quotation marks and apostrophes.

This week was Florida. Swamps and alligators. We played some games here 

Spelling: Level 2 is HARD. We are struggling to make forward progress. I am afraid that most of it is me, though. I can't remember the rules, so I have a hard time helping them with them. I need to write them all out for my own reference.
We did, however, discover Spelling City. It's a great place to play, and there is plenty of free stuff to keep you busy! I make my own lists using All About Spelling, and the kids play there on Thursdays and Fridays.

History: We have reached the period of the Greeks, the Medes and the Persians. They were somewhat surprised and I was quite pleased when they recognized Belshazzar in the story of Cyrus. They also enjoyed the story of King Midas, and we discussed it at lunchtime. I remember reading it when I was just their age. :)

Latin: We are currently doing two different programs, so Latin phrases are quite in vogue around here. Both of them are review items so I will be telling you all about them, soon!

Bible: They are finishing up the story of the Nativity, last week we read about Simeon and Anna. One more week, then we start a new book.

Science: We finished up fish and started on sharks and rays. They have been looking forward to sharks! We had a fun conversation about density and floating and swim bladders. I used a battery, a plastic matchbox car, and a bowl of water to demonstrate and they were full of questions and suggestions.

Handwriting: I am using a form of Peterson's Handwriting to go over basic letter formation with the little kids, the big kids are joining in because their handwriting needs a lot of help. So far, we have learned "l", "t", "h", and "b". It takes us about 5 minutes and they object if I try to skip it.

Kindergarten and Preschool:
Math: I finally tested Daniel, and he jumped to the middle of our math book. His favorite days are the days he gets to write in his math journal. This week, he worked on patterns, writing numbers, logic, and skip counting.
Abbie worked on one-to-one correspondence, the concept of subtraction, and counting on.
Kevin worked on shapes and colors and sorting one-to-one.

Phonics: Daniel is really loving his readers and flying right through them. I wanted to make sure he was able to transfer those skills to read anything, so I hand wrote him some sentences and one day, as a "special treat" he read a book from Starfall to me. He did awesome! The whole family is so excited that he is learning to read!!!
Abbie has several different mediums that she uses to practice her reading every day, she builds words with letters, reads little books that I made, and uses paint chip readers that I made.  It is just enough practice to keep her moving forward without overwhelming her.
Kevin has learned the sounds for a, f, and r. He can play alphabet bingo with us if I show him the card so he can find it on his card. I am impressed by his visual discrimination skills!

Bible: Daniel and Abbie are still learning about Joseph. They love, love, love their Bible curriculum! They beg for it each day.

All three (plus Gracie) enjoyed puzzles, lacing, coloring, sorting, gluing and the wonderful spring-like weather we have been having! They spent all one morning outside digging for worms, riding bikes and having a glorious time getting filthy dirty.

In other news, Kaytie learned to ride a bike without training wheels, and it only took her two days to do it!

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