Feb 26, 2011

Week Seven Term Two Year 10-11

We had several highlights this week. I love it when the kids take a step forward, especially when it is in areas that I haven't even been working with them.

2nd and 3rd Grade:
Math: measuring and multiplication. They really enjoyed Mr. Demme's humor this week, and I have heard lots of copycat jokes about ice tea and golf tees. Nate just "gets" multiplication. I wish place value and borrowing had been this easy for him! There was, as usual, lots of MathRider playing, and some fun worksheets from the ebooks I bought from Scholastic.

Grammar: We finished up Unit One in R&S. They did well on the end-of-unit-review, and are happy to be finished with sentences, capitalization, and punctuation.

History: We are deep in the Greeks... we read about Athens and Sparta and the story of how Zeus started the Trojan War. Nate listened to the description of how Spartan boys were expected to behave: strong, brave, no complaining, and said, "That is just like me! Except for the complaining part."
Also, when we read the story of Zeus and the Trojan War, I had a speech prepared about false gods and the true God. I started off, "We know that God is loving, kind, and just. But the Greeks invented their gods to be angry, jealous, and cruel. Why?"
Nate said, without looking up from fiddling with his shirt, "Because that's the way they were."
Startled, I said, "That's the way who was?"
"The Greeks."
So now I'm no longer too worried about the neutral emphasis of Story of the World. Nate, at least, seems to be able to handle it. ;)

Geography: This was the week for Alabama. The kids liked the state bird, until they found out it wasn't a woodpecker but a common flicker.

Bible: We finished up with the Nativity, and are ready for the next unit. I am also loving their journaling progress. And I re-vamped our memory work to more closely reflect the actual method I was using.

Latin: They are loving this, and I am not even really having to teach. Who knew Latin could be so fun?

Spelling: is our current struggle. They flew through the first book, so I am not sure what to do about their sudden lack of understanding of anything the second book says. I'm trying to figure out if we need to back up, hunker down, or just push on through. Spelling City is keeping us occupied until I figure it out.

Worldview: another review we are doing and greatly enjoying. I love this book!


Science: This week we read about manta rays, and I found some awesome videos at Aussie Pumpkin Patch, that the kids loved. We also read about other kinds of rays, but mantas are obviously the kids' favorite.

Handwriting: lots of reviewing past letters and starting "k".

Kindergarten and PreK:
Math: Daniel's math was the first step forward that I mentioned above. He has been doing simple addition with his fingers for awhile now, but over the weekend, he started doing it in his head. So I figured it was time for something a little more formal. I pulled out some insect flash cards and the MUS blocks and showed him how it worked. The next day, he asked to do it again, and I had him do it all himself. He had so much fun. Silly guy. I've given up teaching him in a linear fashion and just enable him to learn the topics his brain is ready for. He can't count to 20 without forgetting 13, but he can tell you without thinking what 2+3=. Crazy, but I'll work with it.
Abbie worked on odd and even, same and different, and more numeral recognition. She now only really struggles with 6 and 9.
I introduced Kevin to the numbers 0-3, and he worked on shapes and colors some more.

Phonics: Daniel can read not only his readers, but can apply the sounds and rules he knows in other books, too. He is halfway through the first level of the reading program we are reviewing.
Abbie happily chooses a reading "game" each day to read to me. She does best when there is no pressure of any kind, so forward progress can be tricky with her. However, the other step forward that I mentioned was hers. She started writing her own name this week. It looks beautiful, and she does not even ask me how to spell it. She just writes it. It makes me happy.
Kevin knows "a" and "f" pretty well, this week we discussed that "r" does not growl, but just kinda rolls. :) He was disappointed.

All four of the little kids played with playdough, colored, did puzzles, used the lacing cards, and played outside a lot in the beautiful weather.

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Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Looks like you had a good and busy week! My kids have really been enjoying MUS too, I am glad we have found a math program that works for us.

Thanks for linking up this week!


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