Mar 8, 2011

Love and Gratitude

Lent starts tomorrow. I was a teenager before I knew what Lent was. In college, I hung out with a crowd of kids where giving up something for Lent was fashionable. But it has been years since I have done that. Over the years, however, I have heard a lot of people who Do Something instead of giving something up. Starting a new habit rather than trying to break an old one.
This year, I have been reading One Thousand Gifts. Inspired by this and by Elizabeth and by a message on Romans1:21-32 (which basically outlines the consequences of ingratitude), I decided that our Lent this year would be simple and easy...
I bought four composition notebooks and brought them home for the kids to decorate a cover.

Every day of Lent they will write/draw/dictate for me to write at least one thing that they are thankful for. I am hoping to instill a habit of gratitude, but we are also talking about how the gifts we have are the ways God says "I love you." I am excited about this.
I even have a new notebook of my own to lead by example.

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Kattie said...

That is a great idea! Sometimes it's easy to forget how blessed we are and that we should give thanks. You are never to young to learn that!


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