Mar 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. I have been neglecting our weekly wrap-up posts, not because we haven't been doing anything, but because our Friday and Saturdays seem to be full of "after hours" schoolwork. All the kids are busy with waterpaints, colors, scissors, and glue. Any scrap of paper or cardboard that stands still long enough is pressed into service. They took an empty oatmeal box and found at least three different ways to incorporate it into their art projects. Kaytie has been busy riding her bike, sans training wheels and reading everything she can get her hands on, as usual. She discovered Aesop's Fables this week. Daniel is enjoying the springtime activity of digging in the dirt. He is looking for snails, worms, and rolypoly bugs. Nate spends as much time as he can wrangle playing MathRider. He is also building his math skills with our cash register. Abbie just colors and paints, sings and dances and plays Mommy to her growing collection of stuffed animals.
2. We have three and half weeks left until our month-long spring break. I just realized today that I need to come up with some exam questions. I'm trying to decide, also, when Daniel needs to start end-of-term-exams. Otherwise, I am looking forward to the end of term and "vacation". Only, of course, we still have to have some structure to our days or the kids go crazy. So I need to come up with a plan for that, too. It's starting to feel like vacation is more work than school!
3. I am making plans for St. Patrick's Day... I think it's going to be a full-fledged holiday this year with lots of fun stuff. Would you like to hear our plans in advance, or after-the-fact, or both? I've been trying, lately, to post more but it seems that when I have time to blog, I have nothing to say, and when I have things to post about I don't have the time!
4. Speaking of which, I will be doing another review post soon for CSN stores. Check out their lights store while you wait. And, I am going to be posting about a small giveaway to celebrate the fact I have over 100 followers. It's going to be a book. :)
5. I realized the other day that my kids are exactly the perfect ages. We no longer have to worry about diapers, feeding times, sippy cups, or even diaper bags, but they are still young enough that they are incredibly easy to excite and entertain. A trip to the park is instantly the highlight of their week! If only time could just freeze right. here.

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