May 25, 2011

TOS Review: Considering God's Creation

Science is truly one of our favorite topics around here. It is the "school subject" that the kids engage with the most easily. It is also an activity that they voluntarily engage in during their free time. From the weather to rocks to snails to dogs to trees and plants, they are highly interested, actively involved and always ready for more.

So we were all pleased to hear that we would be reviewing Considering God's Creation from Eagle's Wings Educational Materials. This is a  science curriculum created by homeschooling (and homeschooled) moms from a Creationist perspective that is hands-on, multi-level and incredibly easy to implement. It consists of a Teacher's Manual, a student activity book, and a CD with 23 original songs.

Considering God's Creation has 36 lessons divided into 9 categories that, not surprisingly, follow the order of creation. Creation; The Universe, The Earth; Rocks and Minerals; Weather; the Plant Kingdom; The Animal Kingdom; Animal Anatomy; and Man. Each lesson is laid out simply and concisely, starting with Preparation, ending with a Digging Deeper section, and including Bible Reading, Vocabulary words, activities, a Notebook assignment, and the lyrics of the song that goes with that lesson. Review questions are built into the lesson plans.
This is intended to be a complete curriculum, but can also be an amazing supplement to any science curriculum you are already using. It covers an astonishing amount of topics and does so at several different levels. My kids are all very close together in age and ability, but I can see where this curriculum could easily challenge all kids on all levels.
The student book is packed full of notebooking activities: games to play, books to make, charts to complete, worksheets, cut-and-paste, puzzles... It is consumable, but clearly states that it is ok to make copies within your family. At $13.95, an additional workbook is not very costly, however, and might even be cheaper if your printer's ink is expensive.
Now, we already have a curriculum that we love, but I have already worked Considering God's Creation activities into our lesson plans. I plan to use it next year, as well, and expect that it will come in handy for many years as a reference, quick activity supplier, and supplement to our science studies. This book will be within arm's reach for many, many years.
Check out their sample pages here.
Eagle's Wings also offers history, Bible, math, geography and phonics materials, which you can see here.
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I received a free copy of this product in return for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own!


Mama Teaching 3 said...

We love this science. I bought it at a homeschool swap sell and I bring it out when we are bored or need something to do.

Rachel said...

Great review and good information! I've used that program and loved it. :)

from the crew


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