May 11, 2011

TOS Review: GoTrybe

For the past few weeks, we have been trying out the website GoTrybe. The point of GoTrybe is to get kids motivated to stay healthy and fit. To accomplish this there are workouts, nutrition, wellness and motivation quizzes, badges to earn, and a customizable avatar.
This FAQ page pretty much tells you all there is to know about how GoTrybe works, and it really is easy to set up an account and navigate the site, so I'll let you read that page and then tell you how it worked for us... (whistling quietly) Oh, are you back? Ok then...
First, I am not comfortable with my kids making and having online friends, it's a safety thing. So we did not look into the forum, nor the friends feature. Some of the Crew have older kids, so as a part of their review, they let their kids friend each other but we did not participate at all. I played around some with the avatars, and it was kinda neat, but I did  not show that feature to the kids. Here is a screen shot of the avatar editor.

What we did were the workouts, the motivation videos and the quizzes. The workouts were nice in that we could create our own from the videos provided in the catagories of warm up, cardio, strength and flexibility. Not only can you choose which  workout video for each catagory, you can also choose to opt out of any catagory. The workout that you create is instantly play-able, and you can save it and reuse it. Or you can just choose a pre-made workout! Here is a screen shot of how you can choose your workouts.

The quizzes amused the kids, and, in my opinion, were the most valuable part of the program for us. It made the kids think about living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, we could only answer one question a day.
The kids were not as entertained with the motivation videos. They rolled their eyes and ran off to play. The videos are just short clips of various people (athletes, kids, etc.) that talk about the importance of exercise, eating properly, and all around healthy living.
Our opinion of this program was pretty unanimous. It's great for adults, and even teens, but it's not really for kids. Our account was set up in the program for Kindergarten through 3rd grade, because those are the grades we cover, but it was way over my kids' heads.  There was no demonstration at the beginning, so that the kids knew what they were supposed to be doing. And there was no instruction about why we were doing certain moves or if it was important to copy the instructors exactly. I don't feel as though the kids were getting information about exercise, the "proper" way to work out so as not to injure yourself, or even why it is important to exercise. . Also, Kaytie and Nate (8 and 7 respectively) could not keep up with the pace of the workout instructors and the younger kids didn't even try. They did have fun, though! As you can see...

Another drawback (for the boys) is that there are no male instructors and the kid helpers were at least 98% girls. Nate noticed and commented on this. He also noticed when one of the instructors mentioned "burning calories". That was irritating to me, because I want my kids to focus on keeping their bodies strong with good eating and exercise and habits, NOT on staying "skinny".
All in all, I think GoTrybe would be a good fit for a family with older kids who need motivation to exercise (the friends, the forum, the avatar to create could be useful for such kids) or a family with smaller kids who can't get outside much. We have an enormous yard and the kids spend a lot of time outside running, jumping, and climbing trees, and I think, for this age group of kids, that is preferable to a computer program. I asked Kaytie what she thought and after a short pause to consider, she said, "I think it's better to go outside, so that we can also have fresh air and sunshine."

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We were given a temporary subscription to this website for the purposes of this review. Our opinion is our own.

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