Jun 16, 2011

A Cool Resource I Waited Too Long To Use

Sometimes I can be slow and a little bit dense. I have heard people (well, homeschool people) talk about Rainbow Resource for years. And I blew them off because really, if I'm going to buy manipulatives I can do it cheaper in my own town, right? I so regret not listening to those people. I mean really listening.
Last week, while chatting with a homeschool mom I know IRL, she said, "Guess what I discovered? Rainbow Resource sells All About Spelling!!!"
I totally missed the delight of her discovery because my first and overriding thought was, "Rainbow Resource sells curriculum????"
She went on to tell me that she orders all the curriculum she can from R.R. because after a certain amount the shipping is free.
Free shipping???
I went home at once and began to hunt for the items on my To-Buy list.

I found all but Math U See, Rod & Staff, and Bible Study Guide for All Ages.

I qualified for free shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But that isn't even the best part.

The best part is that Several of my items were CHEAPER than anywhere else I had found them. Anywhere else. Even used on Amazon. So I saved about $20 even before I got free shipping.

Rainbow Resource. I was very impressed and will Always, Forevermore, look there first for all my homeschooling needs. Even if it isn't a manipulative!

Rainbow Resource did not send me anything for this blog post. To R.R. I am only "Order Number 343k6786jy787". I am sharing this information with you because I wish it had been spelled out to me so plainly many many years ago.


Mary said...

I love RR and cannot imagine shopping for homeschool supplies with out them! So happy for you that you have seen the RR light!

Erin said...

We also love RR! They're a great company!

Alane with Monsters in Tow said...

Following you through the Crew. I love Rainbow Resource!

Lisa said...

going to check out RR now, and thanks for the Eagles Wings review, I've been looking at it and thinking of using it! Visiting and following from the crew!

kewkew said...

Okay, I have received a Rainbow Resource catalog in the past, but haven't spend any time looking through it. I guess I didnt' realize they have a website and I need to start utilizing it.
Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday. I can't wait to see what you share this week.


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