Jun 2, 2011

Their Bible Time

The most important thing I can give my kids is a relationship with Jesus. I really want them to understand that even though they are little kids, their relationship with Him is just as valid and authentic as an adult's is. I don't want them to view their dad and me as mediators in their relationship, but more as signposts. So, gradually, I've been giving Kaytie and Nate independence in their "quiet time" every day. It started with them reading their Bibles/Bible story books to themselves each morning. Then, when that routine was established, I gave them each a notebook with the instructions to write or draw about the story they read each day.
This term of school, we have taken it a step further. I set up a basket with their Bible, a devotional book for kids, their notebooks, a pencil, a baggie of crayons, and this sheet.

front page

back page

We went over it first, so that I was sure they understood, and now they take their basket every morning (right now they are taking turns because they are sharing a Bible story book) and trot off to the other room. If they want to, they show me their journals. But I don't grade, supervise, or even ask questions about this time alone with God. It's all between them. 


joelle said...

What a great way to help the kids with their own devotion time. Thanks for sharing. Do you mind if I copy your idea? I had been trying to think of how I would help them be independent in this.

Four Little Penguins said...

Copy away! If you send me your email, I will send you a copy. :)

Jeanne said...

I am so impressed with this post. It has been mulling away in my mind all week. I have been thinking about how to make Jemimah more independent in her Quiet Time. I introduced the Bible Notebook idea at the beginning of this term and she really hated it. I think, after reading your post, that it was because I looked at it afterward.

Could you shoot me an email too? Please?

I am going to link to this post, if that is okay.

PS Sorry we have been out of touch since the floods. We are trying to get back on track, truly.


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