Sep 6, 2011

TOS Review: Flea Circus

My kids LOVE playing games. So when we found out that we would be reviewing Reiner Knizia's Amazing FLEA CIRCUS game for the TOS Review Crew, they were excited.
Put out by R&R Games, this is a fun game involving cards and tiny rubber animals (blue dogs and white cats). The instructions say it is for 2 to 6 players aged 6 and up. The goal of the game to to collect the most "spectators" (the dogs and cats) To do this, the players take turns playing cards that earn various numbers of animals that they receive either from another player or from the pile in the middle.

What we thought:
The game played fast. Initially, the rules for the different cards seemed complicated and we kept the instructions handy. However, it only took us a game and a half to get the hang of it and honestly, even the learning curve was fun. We played with five players with the age range of 4 and up. The four and five year olds were able to play and enjoy themselves with only a teensy bit of strategy help from Mom. Everyone enjoyed the game. There were many pleas to play again and again.
Not only was it fun, this homeschool mama discovered educational value as well: the dogs are worth 2 points and the cats are worth 1. So when a player earns 4 points (for example) for a play, I would have them choose which they wanted, dogs or cats or both, so they had to do math to see which they could get and how many! I would even let them "make change" with the animals so that they were doing subtraction as well as addition. Also, at the end, when counting up points, we skip counted by twos when we counted the dogs.
After I was played out, the kids also had fun just playing with the animals, because they are stackable and made great towers! So they could work on those fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination!

Kaytie's opinion: I like it because it is a very fun game. It is easy and all four of us can play! Sometimes Mom lets us play around and I can make good things out of the dogs and cats, like pictures of fireworks, really good towers. It's a funny game because I like to see the pictures on the cards, like the one in the cannon and the one who eats a lot!
Nate's opinion: I like it very very very much! I like to figure out how to win. It is hard, but I love it because it is a challenge.
Daniel's opinion: It was fun. I liked the pictures on the cards. I really really liked the dogs. Yeah, the dogs.
Abbie's opinion: I like it. I built towers. The game was hard, but I liked it.

This game costs $15.95, but you awesome people who are reading this review can use the coupon code CREW20 and get 20% until the end of the year.

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This game was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own and my kids'.

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Sweetpeas said...

I think I like Abbie's opinion the best, hee hee! What could be better than building towers!! Glad you and your children are enjoying the game.


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