Oct 30, 2011

TOS Review: Marshall Publishing

When we were sent Lots & Lots of Fire Songs & Safety Tips to review, I was excited and I knew the kids would be, too. The boys, especially Daniel, are fascinated by firemen, fire trucks, and anything fire. Kaytie loves safety information, and Abbie loves music. :) It seemed like such a win/win.
We received a DVD and a book, both put out by Marshall Publishing & Promotions Inc. The book, Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks and Firefighters, was cool all by itself. It is a thick book with glossy pages and is filled with engaging photos of firetrucks, firemen and all their equipment. It has facts about fire fighting: the people, the equipment, the history. It has poems, recipes, songs, website links, and lots and lots of tips on fire safety. Even my not-quite readers pored over this book!
The DVD is divided into two parts: a 12 minute "classroom section" to teach a quick lesson in fire safety; and a 30 minute segment of "learning fun", which means songs and safety tips and a lot of video of real firemen and real firetrucks fighting real fires. The video was definitely for the younger set. My seven year old boy did heave some dramatic sighs and make some smart-alecky comments. However, he did not leave the room. ;) Honestly, they all seemed to enjoy it. Even our Basset Hound climbed up on the couch and watched it with us! We have been over fire safety before, so I don't think they learned anything new. This video did reinforce the information, though, as well as stirring up some questions that we discussed. For young children, I believe this would be a great way to introduce fire safety in a fun and totally non-frightening way.

Kaytie's opinion of the video was: "I liked it because I have been hearing lots of fire tips and it helped me remember them. I liked the songs. 
Nate's opinion of the video was: It was way too childish. I did like it a little bit though because I liked the opening theme song and the 911 song. I especially liked when they built a fire truck.
Daniel's opinion of the video was: I liked the music and the songs and the firetrucks! My favorite part was when the firetrucks put out the fires. I liked when they built the fire truck! Now I know how to make a fire truck.
Abbie's opinion of the video was: I loved it so much! My favorite part was the firemen climbing up the ladders and they rescued the children. I liked the singing.

For my homeschooling readers, Marshall Publishing has offered a huge discount. If you use the code TOSC1 at checkout, you can purchase this book/DVD combo for $19.95 instead of $49.90!

We were also sent a complimentary copy of a DVD about George Washington Carver. This is a 30 minute biography of his life and his work, a very informative and enjoyable video! Entering the code TOSC1 at checkout will get you a %15 discount when you purchase this DVD.

To read what other reviews had to say, check out the TOS blog.

We were given this product for free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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