Oct 27, 2011

TOS Review: Say Anything Family

A few days ago, I shared with you about a fun game sent to us from Northstar Games. They also sent us a game called Say Anything Family. I think this game was even more fun than than the other one!

In Say Anything, everyone gets a dry erase board, marker, and two tokens that color-coordinate with their boards. Each player takes a turn being the "judge". The judge reads aloud a question (for example: what is the best breakfast cereal? Or what is the best thing about living in the country?). Everyone writes an answer to the question. Then the judge uses the "selectomatic 6000" (a spinner with each color of board on it) to secretly choose her favorite answer. This choice is hidden from the other players because they must guess what it is. They guess by placing their tokens on the boards. After all the tokens are placed, the judge reveals their choice and scoring begins. The first player to 15 points wins.
This is a quick and easy game. The box says "for ages 8 and up", but really anyone who can write can play. My kids are between the ages of 4 and 8 and they all have a great time playing this game.We did alter it somewhat, in that, instead of letting the judge choose their favorite, every one voted for their favorite then the judge spun the "selectomatic 6000" leaving the answer to be chosen by chance. My kids have a difficult time not being biased sometimes and I just felt better taking the temptation out of their hands altogether.
I like that this game stimulates creative thinking, encourages writing in a low pressure situation and provides an opportunity to just sit around with the kids and have fun. Some of their answers were hilarious. As in "the hardest thing about being a kid is... parents"; "what am I most likely to be doing in 20 years... taking out the trash."; "what technology don't we have that I wish we did... a private helicopter". I was highly entertained, they were puzzled by my laughter, and a good time was had by all.

And as usual, I asked the kids to share their opinions.

Kaytie: I really like it because it is a fun game. I liked that we had our own tokens and could vote for what we thought was best. I mostly voted for myself and not the other persons.

Nate: I thought it was really cool because of all the things you could think about. I liked the questions, they were funny. 

Daniel: I like it very well. I like playing it.I thought the questions were kinda awkward (Mom wanted a definition of awkward, so he explained) because it was hard to think of answers. 

Abbie: Yes, I liked it. I liked spinning the spinner. And I liked getting points. I had fun writing the answers. 

You can also read other reviews at the TOS Crew blog.

This game was sent to us for free for the purpose of this review. Our opinions are honestly our own. 

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