Nov 8, 2011


I was shocked to see a comment from a reader that I was nominated in the Homeschool Blog Awards! I have never been nominated before, and I never really expected to be, either. I was even more surprised, when, after some searching, I discovered the category in which I had been nominated... Best Photos Blog. 
See, I love taking pictures, but have never really felt like I was that great at it, and lately have been even more discouraged than usual. It was such an incredible encouragement to think that someone (other than my husband*) likes my pictures of my kids! I have no expectations of winning, and, frankly, don't even care. It was just so cool to be nominated in THIS particular category. So this post is mostly a big THANK YOU to whoever nominated me and partly a go vote for whoever you think is the best in each category. 

*and the kids, naturally, but they think it's all about THEM, so they are more than a little biased. ;)

Oh, and if you are here from the awards: Welcome!!! (and I love comments!)

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