Mar 14, 2012

Our Curriculum Series: Grammar

About 100 years ago last September, I started a series of posts about our curriculum. I intended to keep up with this throughout our year, but, as you might have noticed, blogging has been on the back burner for the last few months around here. So here is, finally, our next installment: Grammar.
At the current time, Kaytie and Nate (in 4th and 3rd grade) are my only grammar students. Daniel and Abbie are still learning to read and write (they are in 1st and K) and are not ready nor interested in grammar yet. They are welcome to listen in, which they occasionally do, and I think they could define a noun if you asked them, but we are going to wait awhile before we get super serious.
So anyway, Kaytie and Nate are just finishing up a book that I found, called Grammar-Land. Ours is a PDF that I found for free way back in the days that I took anything that was free because I had no idea what was good or not. I ended up with some junk doing that, but I also wound up with some pretty amazing stuff. Grammar-Land definitely falls into the latter category. It is a funny little story of a fairy tale land called Grammar Land, populated with parts of speech like Mr. Noun, Dr. Verb, and ragged little Article. Grammar Land is presided over by Judge Grammar, who, at the end of every chapter, sets the children of Schoolroom-shire a task to do that is related to the topic of that chapter. I write those tasks in spiral notebooks, and occasionally (if I can think of them) I add in additional tasks for them to do on subsequent days.

That is all there is to it. Read aloud, work a bit in a notebook, repeat. The kids are enjoying this book a lot. The story makes them laugh, the work is not too taxing, and they are picking up bits and pieces of grammar without really even realizing it. We are on the last chapter of this book, so next term, we are going to start Painless Grammar Jr. which I heard about here at one of my favorite blogs, A Peaceful Day and bought soon after.
Next up is Spelling. I'll try to post it this month. ;)
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Jeanne said...

We're using Painless Grammar Jr next term as well. Hope it goes well!!

Thank you for the nice words, my friend.

Joelle A. said...

My boys really love listening to the audio of Grammar Land. Definitely a gem!

You won't believe it, I am a follower of yours from way back, and never realized you were on the crew this year. As you can tel, I have not been reading my google reader, sigh!!!
I just recognized your blog title from the last post on the forum about blog names.

I am off catching up on your posts.!


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