Apr 12, 2012

TOS Review: Write with WORLD

We were asked to review this brand new writing program from the publishers of God's World News and World Magazine. I was excited about reviewing this program because Kaytie, my nine year old, loves to write and I have been looking for ways and means to instruct and encourage her in this art form.
Write with WORLD not only teaches writing, but encourages critical thinking, analyzing and the building of a Christian worldview. This approach to teaching writing is discussed here.
My daughter loved this program! We received a student book and a teacher's manual, but I have to admit that the teacher's manual was not used very much in our household. Kaytie knew this curriculum was coming and as soon as she saw it in the mailbox, she grabbed the student book, hounded me for a notebook to start her journal in, and got busy. Every day, she would read, write, look up vocabulary words, complete her assignments and then bring her journal to me for checking. I was almost unnecessary in the entire process.
This curriculum is non consumable because all the writing is done in the student's journal. We used a cheap spiral notebook for this, but you could use anything you like: a binder, a pretty blank book, a folder, anything.
You can see a PDF sample here. This is actually the first lesson and gives a very good idea of what the other lessons are like. You can see the Table of Contents here. The teacher's manual is basically the student book with notes, teaching tips, ideas and suggestions in the margins.
Now, we loved this program, but I do want to add that it is aimed at middle school students and Kaytie is a young 4th grader. The ease with which she handled this curriculum on her own was pleasant to me, but would give me some pause about using it in middle school. On the other hand, she is an avid, eager writer, and that could make a lot of difference. I would not give this to my son (who is eight and not a language-loving guy) next year at all!
Also, when I say this is a brand new curriculum, I mean brand new! It won't be available for purchase until this summer, and the online component won't be up and running until this fall. (We didn't even review that part of the program!) However, you can pre-order here.

Kaytie's opinion: I like it because it shows me pictures and asks me to do things with them, like describe them in my journal. I like it because it gives me projects to do in my journal, like describing things about me. I like it because they actually talk to ME. I also like the Professor's Desk, when one of the writers tell me like a story or something.

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Disclaimer: We received this product for free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and are our own.

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