May 31, 2012

TOS Review: Dive Into Your Imagination

As members of the TOS review crew, we were asked to review a Dive Into Your Imagination DVD. Annie Crawley (aka Ocean Annie), a scuba diving instructor, boat captain and underwater photographer and cinematographer, developed Dive Into Your Imagination to encourage kids' love for the ocean.
We received Dive Into Diversity, a beautiful video that showed the kids the variety of creatures that live under the sea. The DVD is divided into chapters, but we sat and watched the entire 44 minutes at one go. The kids were captivated by the beautiful cinematography and the multitude of sea creatures swimming across the screen. We were also treated to chapters on submarines, and the details of scuba diving. We learned what toothpaste and ice-cream have to do with kelp forests and enjoyed a quick lesson on vertebrates and invertebrates in the ocean. We saw some pretty amazing creatures that we didn't even know existed and we spent all last year studying ocean creatures!
Some of the creatures were labeled with their names; a gesture we greatly appreciated. We wished that more, if not all of them had been labeled as there were quite a few we weren't exactly sure what they were!
As a part of the package, we were given download of Education Guides to go along with the DVD. The guides are huge and full-color, filled with ideas, activities, printables, journaling and discussion topics. There is a section for each chapter of the DVD. Geared for the classroom, we had a difficult time using the guides, but we did have fun with some of the printables. At 300+ pages, I would say there is a little something for everyone in there! They definitely turn this beautiful DVD into a full educational experience.

Kaytie said: I liked the Ocean Song. I liked the crusty crustaceans, too. I liked the coral reef part because the coral looked cool. The crab with the funny eyes was one of my favorite animals. I don't remember its name.
Nate said: I SUPER liked it! I did not dislike one thing. The Ocean Song was my favorite part. And all the rest of it, too. I wish we had got all of the DVDs
Daniel said: It was cool to see the underwater animals and seeing the octopus all spread out and squeezing into the very tight hole. The fish coming up out of the ground and eating the fish... I LIKED THAT very much!!!
Abbie said: My favorite part was when the two hermit crabs were fighting over the shell. I liked watching the fish swimming. Some of the fish went to school and some were homeschooled.

If you are interested in these DVDs, be aware that Ocean Annie has a special for readers of this blog: if, when you purchase, you mention in the notes that you homeschool and that you would like a PDF version of the Education Guides, she will send them to you Free. This is a good deal, because they are quite expensive. ALSO, until June 30, 2012, she is offering free shipping on any order placed at the Annie Crawley store.
You can watch samples of the DVDs at Dive Into Your Imagination by clicking on the name of each video. You can also watch videos at Youtube AnnieCrawley and Youtube oceanannietv. My kids LOVED the Ocean Song! You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter!
You can also read what other Crew Members have to say by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this DVD and a free download of the educator guides for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are honest and my own. 

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