Jun 2, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal: June 2, 2012

In our life this week: Swimming is the only thing the kids think about. They fly through school with remarkable industry so that swim time will come faster. I'm loving that I can keep an eye and ear on them from the dining room and/or living room, or I can hang out on the deck with them.

In our homeschool this week: Kaytie finished her read-aloud book and her handwriting for the year. We finally finished up our study of France and sort of got ready to move on to the Netherlands. (Or should that be The Netherlands?) In history, we read about Ferdinand and Isabella. We discussed how good intentions aren't enough and how although we want everyone to follow Jesus there are right and wrong ways to go about evangelizing. Force = bad way. We started a review program for math that all the kids liked. Oh, and I tossed our I See Sam books aside and started both Daniel and Abbie on the First McGuffy Reader and a list of sentences that I culled from Phonics Pathways.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share: Don't be afraid to change something that isn't working! Even if you only have a few weeks of school left. Daniel and Abbie had both gotten bogged down in their reading aloud to me. It was taking them 30 minutes EACH every day to plow through their books. I think they had both gotten too far ahead of themselves. After chatting with some online friends, I decided that this just wasn't going to cut it. So I gave them something that is hopefully less challenging and yet more instructive at the same time. Hopefully. This week, it went well.

My favorite thing this week was: eating tomatoes the French way. They were quite good. I was also happy that all four kids liked their new math program.

Questions/ thoughts I have: I've started planning for next year, and I'm searching for a history curriculum. So far, I'm favoring Adventures in My Father's World, but I'm curious about a couple of things, still. 1. How are we going to pay for it. 2. Will the science be enough? Will the science be enough for the two little ones and I can use Botany for the big kids since Kaytie has been asking to learn about plants for awhile now? 3. What kind of mapping activities does it have? I LOVE mapping activities. I think it helps them SEE where everything happened. We WILL be doing mapping, but I would really prefer not to have to make up my own.

Books I am reading: I found the Kingdom Series at the library. I'm finding it a little dry, but I'm trying to get them pre-read so I can let the kids read them. I am also re-reading The Best of Becky Freeman and The Power of a Praying Wife.

Things I am grateful for: a swimming pool for the kids; a Great, Big, God that takes wonderful care of us; happy, healthy kids; friends

Things I am praying for: a dear friend who must make an un-fun decision; the health of a couple of children; swift and safe births of two June babies; and God's continuing provision in my family.

A picture to share:

A crazy dog hauling around her food bowl. The next day, she insisted on turning it upside down. The next day, she buried it. Kaytie thinks she is protesting world-wide dog hunger.

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Your dog and its bowl it SUPER CUTE! Bassett's are so much fun!

Swimming is HUGE here now too! The kids want to go every single sunny day...even if it's 65 degrees! LOL We went swimming 5-out-of-6-days last week! We don't have a pool, but we have MANY nearby places to swim in lakes so we stop whenever we're near one!

We'll be doing Apologia Botany next year. The kids are excited about it! I love the free notebooking pages on apologia.com! (Search for the Botany book under Science and Elementary then click on the book and finally on course notebook to see the pages if you're interested.)

Four Little Penguins said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting!
We love our Basset. :) She is crazy.
We actually use Apologia. We haven't used Botany so far, but it is on our list. The majority of the group, though, want to do Land Animals next year. I'm just trying to figure it all out. :)

Laurie said...

Swim time is good motivation!! I need to work on summer fun to get my kids going.


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