Jun 22, 2012

Our Week: June 17 - 23, 2012

In our life this week: We spent this week recovering from last week which was spent enjoying VBS at a local church. The kids had a blast right from the start. Even though we missed our "big" cousins, and Crazy Hair Night, we are so glad that we found a VBS here to attend. We also spent a good deal of time blowing bubbles and exploring the backyard. Daniel found a broken robin's egg and a wounded dragonfly, Nate found a cicada shell and the girls each found a shell fossil. All in our own backyard! Our Discovery Scope got quite a workout.
In our homeschool this week: We are wrapping things up right and left! Nate and Abbie still have handwriting to finish, I'm making the two little kids read aloud every day, Kaytie is still working on Write with World, we work on review products, and we still have some science and history. We are slated to finish long before our official end date of "the end of July"! Woot!

Places we are going and people we are seeing: Today, Friday, the kids and I get to make our weekly Library/Grocery Shopping run. Yea! Tomorrow we plan to go to our science museum for Critter Fest. Monday, I will go to the Homeschool Lending Library to check it out. Here's hoping it's cool and useful!

My favorite thing this week was: Getting the pool clean and usable again! Oh, and making chocolate chip cookies!

What's working/not working for us: The kids are in the groove of morning school and whip out their work in an hour or less. Afternoons, which are more dependent on me, are not quite as glowing. I'm hoping to combine them soon, so that we wind up getting more of our afternoon stuff done. Or maybe switch them... the kids and I have been chatting about next year, doing our Together work in the mornings and our Independent work in the afternoons. That way, my morning motivation goes to good use AND an energetic and willing child can get all their work completed before lunch and have their afternoon all to themselves. Motivation, yes?

I'm reading: tons of quick and easy freebie books on my Kindle. None of them are truly noteworthy but it has been bugging me that they are there... unread, so I'm trying to rectify that situation!

Things I'm working on: Plans for next year! I have already decided what we will be using. Some major changes in our line-up! And I'm hammering out schedules and lesson plans. I'm also working on my own little planner which I plan to print. Another big change! But I'm weary of being tied to my laptop for plans because the kids increasingly use my laptop for school. Also, I want to be more mobile and want to do school in places my laptop has no business being. :)

I'm praying for: friends with changes, friends who need changes, and that we can find some chairs to go with the pretty new table my dad gave us!

A photo to share:

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Stefanie said...

I don't know about your weather this week, but a pool was a must. LOL Hot, hot, hot!

We have a neighborhood pool though so all I have to do is show up.

B. Martin said...

How exciting to be done earlier than expected! Its a nice feeling. And I love what your kiddos found outside. Sounds a lot like our adventures/collections.


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