Jun 21, 2012

What We Have Been Up To

We have spent the last couple of months moving. It was one of those things that happened very suddenly and then seemed to take forever to actually happen. Daddy got a promotion at his job, and that promotion meant a relocation to another city. We are still, thankfully, in the Texas Panhandle, just in a different part. Relocation meant a major upgrade in our housing. We went from a two bedroom duplex with a tiny living room and a kitchen wedged into a hallway, to a three bedroom, two bath enormous house with an amazing kitchen, a laundry room, an office and a delightful yard. We are all still in a daze of delight over our new, wondrous house. The hard part about moving was that there was some serious lag time between moving OUT of the duplex and INTO the house. So we spent several weeks in a motel room. With four kids, two parents and an occasional stray cousin, this was... interesting. Thankfully, we were able to foster out the Basset Hound and she was not in the room with us. If you ever need tips on how to survive in one room with LOTS of small people and/or how to feed 6+ people with a mini microwave, a mini fridge and a laundry basket for a pantry, I have some to share. The good part was that we had plenty of time (and motivation) to explore our new city.
So we spent March and April having adventures and May and June unpacking boxes and getting lost in our new house. (It literally happened more than once to the kids. And Steve still has to ask where I keep things like, silverware.) Here are some pictures of us enjoying our enormous new yard...

We have since mowed down all the tall weeds, but the kids still have hours of fun in all that space!

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