Aug 19, 2012

Back to School Pictures

In our little school, which we call Spesamor Academy, we have four students. This is the first year that all four kids are "real" students. Abbie is officially starting 1st grade. It is also Kaytie's last official year in elementary. A fact that she likes to point out to me often. So this will be a monumental year and we are all (some openly, some secretly) looking forward to it! So without further ado, here are our students:

Kaytie is in 5th grade. She loves to read, to write, and to draw. She loves art in any form and can usually be found creating something. She particularly enjoys giving her creations away to loved ones. She is generous and tender-hearted. Her imagination is enormous. Her favorite subject in school is: Bible. Her least favorite is: Math.

Nate is in 4th grade. He loves to figure out how things work. He enjoys Lego, Snap Circuits, bugs, identifying plants and inventing new gadgets. He is smart and funny. He always has an idea and a plan. His favorite subject in school is: Math. His least favorite is: Worldview.

Daniel is in 2nd grade. He likes to build with Lego, draw pictures, hunt for snails, play with bugs, and do anything that requires mud. He is a sweet little guy with a soft heart for his sisters and his mama. He loves food of all sorts and strongly disapproves of sitting still. His favorite subject in school is: Math.  His least favorite is: Reading.


Abbie is in 1st grade. She loves to play dress-up, especially with princess clothes. She likes to color, play with her doll-house, get dirty with her brothers, be a mommy to roly-poly bugs, and be the center of attention. She loves to laugh. Her siblings consider her to be the wild and crazy member of the family. She is ornery and knows how to get her way, but can be quite sweet and loving when she likes. She loves to snuggle. Her favorite subject in school is: Math.  Her least favorite is: Geography.

Four Little Penguins ((2012))

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Sarah said...

Love how you got all of them to smile! I struggled for two hours with mine....oye!

Have a blessed school year!

Anonymous said...

Your children are so sweet! We are all super excited to start over here too :-)

Julie said...

They are all getting so big! You got some great pics this year. Hope you have a super year.

Marcy Crabtree said...

your kids are adorable!


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