Oct 10, 2012


We have been talking a lot lately about being a person of integrity. We have discussed doing the right thing, no matter what, using a soft answer to turn away wrath, and our new motto is: Take the High Road.
Well, as a parent, and we have these discussions, I often wonder, are the kids really listening? Are they internalizing this message? Am I having any impact? 
So the other day, when I heard Kaytie's and Daniel's voices raise in a disagreement, I stopped to listen. Just to see what would happen. After a couple of sharply worded exchanges, Daniel's voice floated from the other room, clear, wrathful, and determined, "YOU take the High Road!"

And I realized... I never ever dreamed, in all my years of wrangling with siblings and others... that one could actually claim "dibs" on the Low Road.

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Kristi said...

LOL!!! That's too funny!!


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