Nov 1, 2012

November 1, Thankful For Humor

Today, I am thankful for humor and that God blessed me with kids that keep me laughing.
Here's a story to illustrate:
We took the kids to our science museum last night for their Halloween fun... which means they got toys as well as candy. One of the toys was a Chinese finger-trap. Tricky and cool for kids. Well, until...
Abbie came to me with her fingers in the trap, upset and saying, "My finger is stuck!"
I showed her how to get her finger out and handed it back.
She immediately stuck her finger back in and started crying again, "My finger is stuck!"
A little irritated, but, this IS Abbie, after all (the girl whose picture is in the dictionary beside the word: 'silly' AND the word: 'forgetful') I helped her get her finger out again. Only to have her stick her finger right back in again, once more fussing about her finger being stuck.
Highly irritated by now, I got it out AGAIN and said, "STOP sticking your finger in there!"
So she hands me the trap and says, "But my finger is stuck in there!!!"
Puzzled, I look in there, and sure enough. The little fake finger she got at the museum is stuck in her finger trap!

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