Nov 5, 2012

November 5, Love Their Love to Explore and Examine

Ooops! I'm a little bit behind. But today I am talking about being thankful for the curiosity of my children. They love learning, especially about nature and all things science-y. And so I have to do little in that regard. This day, I saw a fly in a spider web, mentioned it aloud and this was the result. They were mesmerized. And highly entertained when the fly's frantic attempts to escape set the web a-spinning in a blurry circle. When the fly stopped struggling, the spider sat for a second, then scurried as far away from the fly as it could get. The kids still laugh uproariously about that! 
I am just so thankful they are so interested and excited about discovering God's creation! And that our Discovery Scope is still getting quite the workout!

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