Dec 7, 2012

Christmas Break

We are out of school until the first full week in January. Well, full school, anyway. I'm making Kaytie and Nate learn their multiplication tables and Daniel and Abbie are still reading. (About that, Daniel is slowly reading his way through the Eric Carle books. I'm so impressed at how well he is doing.) But otherwise, they are playing with our Christmas stuff, reading, building with Lego, reading, baking Christmas goodies, reading, running barefoot in the backyard (because, "Mother Nature" is apparently not going to act her season this year... not that I'm complaining, mind you, but it's going to be spring by the time this autumn is over if she doesn't hurry up the cold a bit) riding bikes, watching Christmas movies,working our way through our Advent calendar,  and, of course, counting down the days until Christmas Eve!
This year, in addition to doing some real school over the break, we are trying something new. I sat down (in that glorious "free week" between Thanksgiving and Dec. 1,( and why can't we just all agree now to have that every year?) and wrote out a list of "Christmasy" things to do. Some wonderful people on our local homeschool forum gave details on various free things offered around town, so I started with those and then added stuff like: baking cookies, buying for their "secret sibling", making presents, performing the Nativity for their Dad and myself, having a movie night. Fun, but simple things that I knew we would actually do. Then I wrote an activity on each day of the month for December. So far, it's been great. the only casualty being the entire glass of eggnog spilled on the living room rug during movie night. I think this will be our new tradition, since it will be easy to adapt and change the activity list as they grow older.

One of the things we did was go and see how Christmas was celebrated in the early days on the prairie. At the end, we saw Santa. I know they don't look very jolly, but in their defense, they had just spent nearly two hours walking around in the dark and the cold. They enjoyed the tour, but I think it used up every last bit of their enthusiasm!
I hope your December is as joyful and fun as ours is!

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