Dec 21, 2012

That Might Be A Good Idea


My children have vivid imaginations and do not like to be wrong. The combination of these two personality traits has led to the creation of  "my world". They each have their own personal world where they choose the events, inhabitants, and just overall reality, as suits their whims at the moment. Nate, especially, revels in this world, because it means he can never be wrong. "Today is Tuesday!" He proclaims, grandly, and will stick to this assertion until proven wrong by the calendar, and then and only then will he switch to, "Well, it's Tuesday in my world!"
So these worlds come in handy, but they are also much used to simply indulge in flights of fancy for the amusement of all. One such flight of fancy took place this evening. Nate kept his brother enthralled with vivid, frightening details of a pair of spiders, the only ones of their kind, who are man and wife, have fatally lethal venom, 16,000 eyes, and... and... and... he finally wound up with, "And they are trained not to bite anything but bugs."
Daniel, who had been listening wide-eyed and uttering appreciative gasps of mingled horror and delight, said, most decidedly, "Then I will NOT wear my bug costume when I visit your world!"

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