Jan 3, 2013

I Hearby Resolve...

Neither my husband nor I have ever been much for making New Year's Resolutions. It's just not something that we do, and we certainly have never made a big deal out of them. So I don't know how the kids learned about them, nor why they decided it was important, but they discussed their Resolutions for several days leading up to January first. I love listening in on their conversations because I learn a lot about what goes on in their heads and because I am ALWAYS entertained.
So one day I heard Nate ask Kaytie, "What is your New Year Resolution?" 
Kaytie shrugged, "I don't have one yet."
Nate was shocked, "But you HAVE TO have a New Year Resolution!!!"
Unfazed by his horror, Kaytie shrugged again, "I'll decide on New Year's. What's yours?"
It was Nate's turn to shrug, "Oh, I don't have one."

But by New Year's Eve, they all had decided on a resolution... more or less.

Kaytie's New Year's Resolution:  to turn 10 in less than a week

Nate's New Year's Resolution: to actually come up with a resolution next year

Daniel's New Year's Resolution: to lose my loose tooth

Abbie's New Year's Resolution: to eat more candy

At first, I thought, They'll get better at this as they get older. But then I realized that at least they are making resolutions that they will keep. Which is better than most adults can do!
I hope you have as much success with and fun keeping your resolutions as the Four Little Penguins will this year!


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