Feb 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to You and You and You and You!

I don't like posting birthday posts because I don't want to broadcast to the entire Internet the kids' exact birthdays. However, I feel safe in saying that we just finished up our "birthday season". For some reason, our kids decided that the busiest time of year was the best time to be born, so all of our birthdays fall between mid November and mid February. So here, in one post, is my birthday tribute to all four penguins.

Happy birthday, Kaytie! Welcome to the world of double digits! Kaytie is a thoughtful, creative, enthusiastic, sweetheart. She loves giving gifts and spending time with her favorite people. She loves to read, write, draw, create works of art from whatever she can get ahold of, climb trees, and wish for a horse. I simply cannot believe that the goofy, sleep-hatin' baby is now a pre-teen!

Happy birthday to one smart, funny, handsome, one-of-a-kind, nine year old boy!!! Nate is brilliant. He is good at math and figuring things out. We can no longer bluff this boy. He also has an incredible knack for delivering dry one-liners. He is a miniature version of his dad, which not only makes him hard-headed, but also smarter than I am, and charmingly irresistible. He loves his dog, solving puzzles, excitement, swimming, soccer, and playing on any type of technology he can get his hands on.

To my favorite 7 year old: Happy Birthday!!! Daniel is steady and solid and dependable. His gut reaction is always the serious one. He is 100% boy and loves anything that requires digging, building, automobiles, big machinery, food, weapons, Lego, and blowing things up. He is generally happy and draws people to himself like a magnet.

Happy birthday to our funny, sparkly, feisty, pixie princess! This girl is seriously hilarious. She is super shy in public, but at home, she is the center of attention or she wants to know the reason why! She loves to laugh and to make others laugh. She loves sheep, Barbie dolls, all of her dollhouse "stuff", her family, soccer, math, and coloring/painting/crafting. She adores her daddy. She loves to snuggle and to eat chocolate. At six, she has come a long way from those rough early days in the NICU. 

Happy birthday, Penguins!

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