Apr 22, 2013

F is for Flops

I have heard moms say that projects aren't a part of their homeschool because they (and/or their kids) just don't enjoy them. They talk about how they sometimes wistfully read the crafty mom's blog posts, but that they have finally come to terms with the lack of projects in their own home. Sigh. If only they knew how wistfully I listen to their confessions! Because, we do like projects around here. I have some children who enjoy nothing better than to build the Great Wall of China out of lego or to create a ship modeled after the story Lions to Guard Us. However, we have the greater problem of not being very good at projects. I find such beautiful creations on blogs and on Pinterest. Gorgeous projects that kids and moms have worked hard on with such stunning results. And I think, "Oooooh! Cool! Let's do that!" And then, well...
For example, in our history curriculum one year, I found the suggestion to make a castle out of cereal and melted marshmallows. You know, along the line of the famous rice krispie treats, but with round cereal, instead, so the walls looked as though they were made with stones. I kind of had something like this in mind:

Or at the very least, this
Instead, after a lot of hard work we achieved this:

 photo IMG_7534_zps862adf0b.jpg

Something that vaguely resembles a castle if you use a lot of imagination. It helps if you close your eyes, first.
But while I was disappointed and discouraged, if you look at this picture, you will see why we continue to do projects in our school:

 photo IMG_7520_zps8b8753ac.jpg

You see it? The smiles?
To them, there is no difference between the first picture and their final result. And even there was, the pure fun they had wrestling with that sticky mess and the utter joy they had eating it afterward is much more important to them than the fact their efforts might not have been "perfect" or even Pinterest-worthy. In fact, when Kaytie saw these pictures as I was preparing to write this post, she said, "Oh! Our castle! I remember that day! That was so much fun." Then she smiled and went on about her day.
Maybe our edible castle effort wasn't such a flop after all.

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