Apr 11, 2013

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Salem Ridge Press

One of our favorite things to review for the Crew is books. We are bookworms around here and although we read voraciously, we especially enjoy getting a brand new good story to dive into and explore. So we were delighted to receive For Merrie England, A Tale of the Weavers of Norfolk, from Salem Ridge Press.
We have reviewed books from them before, so we knew to expect an excellent story. The books are paperback, but sturdy enough to withstand our rough usage and being read and re-read for years.
Salem Ridge Press was started by Daniel Mills, a graduated homeschooler, who so enjoyed old books that he started his own company to reprint them. The company is run by his family, and is dedicated to republishing "living books" that follow the Biblical principle found in Philippians 4:8.
I have to say that in all of the books we have read from this company, they have certainly lived up to this standard. I like that I can hand these books to my kids without fear or even concern about what they are going to encounter there. I like that I am confident that they will find wholesome characters to emulate, a strong dose of historical information, and character-building ideas, all wrapped up in an engaging story.

Written by Emma Leslie, For Merrie England is a tale about a young, crippled boy, Tom, who believed that he was worthless until a weaver came along, taught him his trade, and shared his relationship with Jesus Christ. It also tells the story of Tom's brother Roger, who learns the hard way the importance of responsibility and obedience.
Kaytie and I both read this story and, in her words, this is her opinion,
One of the things that I like about it is that is has old words, but on the bottom of the page it says what the words mean. And I like the story. And I like the old words in it.
Salem Ridge Press books are awesome for rounding out your history or just for enjoyment. We just settled in and enjoyed reading a good tale.
This book is for kids ages 8 and up, was written in 1890 and costs $10.95 for soft cover and $20.95 for hard cover.
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