May 10, 2013

H is for Husband

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I don't talk about my husband often on this blog. Probably not anywhere near as much as I should. He isn't one of those husbands/fathers who takes an active part in the daily running of our school. He doesn't teach any of the classes-- not even as a substitute. I have never threatened a child with "when Daddy comes home he will deal with you" or sent them to the "principal's office". He doesn't tell me what curriculum to use, what method to follow, or how to schedule our days. He doesn't generally even raise an eyebrow when I rave about the next cool thing we simply must add to our collection of cool things. But honestly, without him, we would not be able to do what we do.
He is the sun we all orbit around.
He is the hard worker that makes it possible for me to stay home.
He is the one who willingly buys soccer gear and pays co-op fees simply because he knows how much they enjoy it.
He is the audience for which we perform.
He is the long-vision caster, the question asker, the listening ear when I need to talk something through.
He is the one who listens to a small girl awkwardly read an agonizingly long book about a snooty mouse.
He is the voice of reason when I am fed. up. with. all. this. nonsense. and ready to just send small people off on the yellow bus.
He is the one that is easy to please and never asks for more than we can give. (especially me after a rough day)
He is insight into a certain boy's mind when I am puzzled and confused.
He is the one with the high expectations that keep us working hard when we would rather just lie around and eat chocolate all day.
He is the guy who does piddly errands that take up his time just because he knows they scare me.
He is the one who is patient and kind when we are frustrated with ourselves.
He is the first person the kids think about showing off for when they have finished a well-done project or written a new play.
He is the one who sets the tone for the day with his cheerful "good-bye" each morning. Or his, "Be good for Mom today, ok?"
He is the fountain of knowledge.
He is the one that we eagerly welcome home (with cheers) each evening.
He is the knight in shining armor that doesn't complain about having to drive all the way across town to rescue me, not even when my plight is my own silly fault.
He is the leader of our adventures.
He is the offer of help when I am overwhelmed.
He is the signpost of wisdom when we are lost, directing us to the Way we should go.
So this post is a gesture of gratitude for all that he does. Just for us.

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We love him.

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