May 6, 2013

Winner Announced

So, for our book giveaway, we only had a few entries, so I thought we could chose a winner in a cool way... First, I had the kids each make me some Lego creations. I told them to make something that made them think of Egypt or of the Israelites leaving Egypt. We made one for each entry, then I randomly put the creations on top of slips of paper that had the entry numbers written on them.

 photo IMG_2388_zpsd4e9e724.jpg

Then each kid chose a creation...

 photo IMG_2389_zps7a853fe8.jpg

And then again...

 photo IMG_2390_zps764902b5.jpg

The last one standing was Moses turning the Nile into blood

 photo IMG_2391_zps9d6e100f.jpg

And the winning number was...

 photo IMG_2392_zps02816c0a.jpg

Congratulations to GeorgiaBeckman!!!!!! Be watching for an email!!!

*the yellow pyramid did actually have a dead body inside... we are such sticklers for accuracy!

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