Jul 30, 2013

Another Book List

A while back I shared Kaytie and Nate's book list for this school year. Thanks to our hard work with PAL, Daniel and Abbie have finally crossed the rubicon and have become "real readers". Daniel can read most anything and only has to sound out the occasional word. Abbie struggles a bit still, but she is not far behind him. So our goal this school year for the two of them is simply practice. Lots and lots of practice. With this in mind, I have been roaming the Internet looking for ideas so I could create them their own book list.
This list is a little more "generic" than Kaytie and Nate's list, because I have no intention of scouring our library for specific titles ahead of time. And this is not in any particular order, either. I plan to grab a few every library trip (we go once a week) and let them choose which they want each day. A lot of these we already own, so they will always be available for them to choose... until they have read them enough that I cringe at the sight of them, then they will go back on the regular book shelf. They will also most likely choose books on their own they want to read aloud, and if I happen to see anything else while I'm browsing, I'll grab that, too!

Sheep in a Jeep and other Sheep books by Nancy Shaw (Abbie adores sheep, so these are perfect for us!)
Little Critter books by Mercer Meyer (these are Abbie's favorite)
Little Bear books by Else Minarik
Amelia Bedelia books by Peggy Parish
Billy and Blaze books by C.W. Anderson
Henry and Mudge books by Cynthia Rylant
Corduroy books by Don Freeman
Nate the Great books by Marjorie Sharmat
Curious George books (the original series) by H. A. and Margaret Rey (they both absolutely adore these)
Madeline books by Ludwig Bemmelmans
Tacky the Penguin books by Helen Lester
The "If You Give..." books by Laura Numeroff

Lots of books by:
Mo Willems,
Syd Hoff,
Dr. Seuss,
Eric Carle (these are Daniel's favorites)
Arnold Lobel,

and these books:
The Courage of Sarah Noble, by Alice Dalgliesh
The Little Engine that Could, by Watty Piper
Make Way for Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey
Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McCloskey
Story about Ping, by Marjorie Flack
Prayer for a Child, by Rachel Field
Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk
The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall

A Christian Mother Goose Marjorie Ainsborough Decker (these two books were given to me when I was only six years old!)

I'm hoping, by the time we have worked our way through this list that they will be ready for chapter books, which, of course, requires a whole new list!

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