Aug 12, 2013

HMJ Aug 12, 2013

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In my life this week:
We have one last back-to-school party. Kaytie has been busy with her art cabinet and trying to train Sofie to say "yes". Nate is reading and counting steps with the pedometer he bought with money their Granny sent them. Daniel is creating wars with a set of army men and a bag of marbles that he bought. Abbie has her finger in everyone else's pie.

In our homeschool this week: 
We have been out of school long enough that the kids are all eager to get back. They are starting to get just a little bit bored of amusing themselves and Nate is very excited about chemistry! They still have two more weeks to wait though. I was thinking we would go ahead and get a head start on our Nature Study plans, but two things have kept me in the house. One, it's hot, it's still high summer in Texas. And two, there is something blooming out there that we are allergic to. Nate went out this morning and his eye swelled almost shut. It doesn't seem to stop him, but I'm leery of forced outside activities. I'm hoping it stops blooming before soccer starts.

What I am thankful for this week:
A happy, healthy, family.

What I am praying for this week:
Health for several friends.

What I am reading this week:
I'm still working my way through my Charlotte Mason material and for fun I'm reading Secrets by Karen Heitzmann.

Around the house this week:
We are almost finished with the back-to-school cleaning. We have the school room ready and the game closet tidy. I still have a couple of piles to sort through, a cabinet to clean and bunch of stuff I need to sell off.

A favorite thing this week:
Granny sent the kids $5 apiece and they have had a blast spending it. Pedometers, book lights, army men and mermaids. Such excitement. Kaytie and Nate bought got a bag of dog treats for Sofie. They are such generous kids. :)

What I am creating this week:
Not a lot. I'm ready for school except for printing a bunch of stuff but that will have to wait I can get some ink. I'm trying to stay away from the Charlotte Mason forums because I'm fairly happy with my current plans and I don't want to add any more! I did find out that we have the Ruth Heller grammar books at our library and that has sparked some fun ideas. I'm also finishing up lesson plans for my co-op class.

A favorite new website to share:
national geographic interactive mapping

A photo to share:

PicMonkey Collage

1 comment:

Adriane said...

My kids are the same way. We've been out of school long enough that they're so ready to start back...even the high schooler!

We live in Louisiana so I totally get what you mean about the heat down here! It does keep us inside too.

Hope you all have a great school year!


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