Sep 17, 2013

A New Author for Us

After reading aloud to nieces and nephews, after working in child care, after years and years of babysitting, I though I knew all of the great child authors out there. However, we recently discovered a brand new one. Mo Willems. We started with We Are In A Book and laughed and laughed. It drew us in and we are currently reading every one we can find at the library. These are books I will buy for my grandchildren. They are excellent easy readers because they only have a few words on the page so my kids aren't overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what they have to read. But the words are "real" words, not dumbed-down rhyming words and each book has a plot that engages the kids so they aren't constantly asking, "Can we stop here?" because they want to read what happens next! When I pre-read Amanda and the Alligator, I kept having to chase the kids off because I was laughing so hard they wanted to know why?

I hoard these books so that Abbie and Daniel read them the first time aloud to me for school. After that, they are allowed to read them as often as they like, and they pick them up often and read them to themselves.
We each have a favorite: mine is Amanda and the Alligator  and We Are In A Book; Kaytie's and Daniel's is Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus; Nate's is The Duckling Gets a Cookie?; and Abbie's is Pigs Make Me Sneeze!

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