Sep 3, 2013

Day in the Life

I was up, not feeling well, in the middle of the night, so I ignore my alarm... both of them. It is fifteen minutes past wake-up the kids time and I'm still reading my Bible on my phone when Daniel comes in to ask about breakfast. He lets the dog out while I pull out a bowl and ingredients and start making what we call "peach crisp". After we get it in the oven, I go call the other kids. Nate and Abbie are already awake. They all gather in the kitchen while I dish out portions and Kaytie pours glasses of milk. There is a moment of excitement when one of the kids' cups proves to have a small hole in the bottom and milk leaks all over the counter. Eeek.
Breakfast conversation consists of science "facts". Did you know the human brain weighs 8 pounds? kind of thing. This is interspersed with jokes. What do you get if you cross poison ivy with a four leaf clover? A rash of good luck, of course!
Once a child is finished eating, they clear their dishes off the table and get to their chores. They get dressed, make their beds, and complete a short list of jobs that never changes. Then they are free to amuse themselves until school time. The fad right now is bike riding.

We are supposed to start school at 9:00, but since we started the morning late, I don't call them back in until almost 9:30. It's not a huge deal. We are routine/rhythm people around here and pretty much just go with the flow.
We all settle on the couches and start our Creche Conference. I read a chapter from the book of Mark. We have a few interruptions of, "Hey! I've heard this story before!" but mostly they listen nicely. We say our pledges, read a little more in our book A Weekend with Renoir, and look one last time at The Girl with the Watering Can. They are slightly annoyed to be looking at it AGAIN, but then I start asking questions, "Did you see the upside-down heart shape?" "Did you see the animal behind her?" And they realize that they haven't noticed everything there is to be seen in this picture. Score one for mommy!
I read another poem from A Child's Garden of Verses. They are amused by these poems but they try hard not to let it show. Then we sing When I Survey The Wondrous Cross and work on our memory work: Psalm 23, the first three Catechism questions (3, because I knew they would be very easy) the poem Dream Song and the first 3 presidents of the USA. Next week I'm adding in the continents and oceans (Kaytie and Nate know these but Daniel and Abbie still struggle with them) and a science fact that I will choose from our science this week.
We wrap up Creche Conference with Daniel and Abbie narrating a fable from Aesop and Kaytie and Nate narrating our history book: The Story of Davy Crockett.
Then I give them a 15 minute break. They ride bikes while I fool around on Facebook and start writing this post.

When I call them back in, we skip the rest of our group work because... well, ok, because I forgot all about it. Ooops. I tell them to get started working and they do. Oh well, we will add it in at the end...
This block of our day is the hardest part for me. Kaytie and Nate work on their math, copywork, Xtramath and Bible. They are expected to do this alone, but sometimes need a question answered. Nate also has a hard time not remarking on what is going on around him... or just random stuff that pops into his head. While they do that, I juggle Daniel and Abbie. They work on Bible together, me reading and they doing the work. Daniel plays phonics file folder games while Abbie reads to me, then they switch. They do their math and copywork while I check Kaytie and Nate's work and answer questions. Daniel and Abbie take turns doing Xtramath and Adventus while I simultaneously dictate spelling sentences for Kaytie and write sentences on the whiteboard for Nate to mark the concrete nouns and abstract nouns. He gets bored with this and starts marking each part of speech in the sentences.
Daniel and Abbie are now finished with school and it is lunch time. So Kaytie throws hotdogs in the microwave while I oversee the massive job of Cleaning Off The Table. After lunch, we clean the table again and they take a short break to, yep, ride bikes, while I work on this post.
About 1:00 I call them back in and discover that Nate has, once again, crashed his bike and lost some skin. He rides that bike like a maniac. He has tire marks permanently imprinted on the side of his leg. I only wish I were joking.

We spend about 10 minutes playing with my favorite new curriculum: Flip Flop Spanish (review coming soon) and chitchat about cardinal directions for a bit. They all know these, except that Abbie thinks the sun rises in the West and sets in the East. We set her straight and I send her and Daniel off to play. I set Kaytie to work on an IEW keyword outline and give Nate sentences to spell. He whines the entire time about how much he hates writing and there are some sharp words exchanged over his insistence on misspelling "petting". Kaytie starts working on a horse lapbook that she is doing entirely on her own and Nate eventually finishes his spelling and starts on his IEW assignment. I am writing out lesson plans in my binder for next week and inwardly chuckling over the irony that they both misspelled the word "school".
I read through the first chapter of The Fallacy Detective with Kaytie and they both read and narrate a biography of Narcissa Whitman.
School is finished for the day and it is only 2:30! We have finished by 12:30 each day this week, so I can only attribute this late finish to our late start. Oh well, the schedule has us finishing up by 3:00 so it's not so bad. Only thing is that neither Kaytie nor Nate were able to do Adventus because the keyboard batteries died... again. Sigh.
Now we do our afternoon chores and the kids eat a snack. They scatter to ride bikes, read, and find creative ways to trash the house we just picked up. I take a moment to work on this post, read some blogs and play on Facebook a little.
Daniel makes paper airplanes for everyone and they hold a contest. Which quickly degenerates into throwing their planes into the ceiling fan and laughing hysterically.
Nate strongly hints that we need to go buy some baby powder for our next science experiment. He even offers to pay for it himself. And then he wields his big weapon: a cliche. "You know, Mom, they say, 'Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!'" Ahhh, if only he would take that attitude with picking up his toys!
A review product is delivered and I barely keep Sofie from barreling outside because Daniel opens the door while she is barking at the delivery man. I take the time to examine the Homeschool Mom's Bible and then we start rummaging for soccer gear. Kaytie is sad because her cleats are too small. There is some disagreement over who gets what color socks.

I spend a few minutes texting my husband over what to do about supper and it is settled that he will eat sandwiches at the office and we will eat sandwiches at home. Just because we started off with a cooked, healthy breakfast does not mean that we will not quickly descend into culinary chaos!
I let the kids watch a Magic Schoolbus episode while I take a quick shower.
Then I make Kaytie wash dishes and I spend an inordinate amount of time herding kids to get water bottles and other gear ready to go.
Finally, everyone has all their stuff and we get into the car and run quickly to Dollar Tree. I buy baby powder and Nate buys himself a package of grow-dinosaurs or whatever you call them, and Kaytie a new booklight because her other one broke before she even had a chance to use it.
At soccer practice, the kids and their friends from church spot a horned toad and soccer is forgotten. I attempt to not squelch their enthusiasm and yet keep them from getting run over at the same time. The toad proves to be faster than six eager kids, and escapes under a car. I herd the kids toward the field and out of the parking lot.
Then I get to spend the next hour plus enjoyably chatting with another homeschool mom.
After practice, I gather the kids and drive back home. Steve has brought home a loaf of bread so supper consists of everyone making themselves a sandwich or two. Abbie makes a PB and J and turkey sandwich. It makes me want to puke, but she eats it. Ick.
Afterwards, Steve and I chat a bit and the kids play and fight and then go pick up their rooms and take showers. The boys "grow" Nate's dinosaurs and the dog tries to eat them.
After a turn each on the Wii, the kids go to bed. I read aloud a chapter or two from Redwall to them then I finish up this post and head to bed myself.

A Day in Our Homeschool

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