Oct 10, 2013

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Jim Elliot One Great Purpose

I have mentioned before that we love missions around here. And I might have even mentioned that one of our favorite missionaries, or group of missionaries is Jim Elliot and his fellow martyrs of the faith. So when we were asked to review the book Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose from YWAM Publishing, AND its accompanying Curriculum Guide, we were excited.

For the purpose of this review, we were given PDFs of the book and the guide, but you can only purchase the guide in print format. The book can be purchased as a paperback, or in digital form for your Nook or your Kindle. The book is $6.99 and the guide is $7.49.
The book is the story of the mission life of Jim Elliot. After a brief overview of his childhood, it tells of his journey to Ecuador and his work with the Quichua Indians there, his "courtship" with Betty Howard, their ten-minute wedding and life together. It describes how the five missionaries met, and their decision to work together to reach the fierce Auca tribe that everyone was afraid of. And finally, it relates their outreach to the Auca and the tragic result. The story does not end there, of course and the epilogue tells of the triumph of the Gospel.

I love the story of these five brave men and their courageous wives who were so committed to share the love of God that they "gave what they could not keep to gain what they could not lose". And I never get tired of reading the tale of their sacrifices and struggles to reach a terrifying people with the hope of Jesus Christ.
This book is intended for ages 10 and up and I think it is right on target. My nine and ten year old kids devoured the story in a couple of hours.
The Curriculum Guide is a 59 page resource that will help you get the most out of this book. It starts with four Bible verses that your child can memorize, and there are several other suggestions of projects to do with these verses. Not the least of which is to spark discussion on the spiritual aspects of Jim's life.
There are also suggestions on how to make a display board about Ecuador, chapter questions for your child to answer, essay question ideas, hands on projects, field trip tips, and a list of books and other resources on Jim Elliot for your child to explore. The guide concludes with answers to the chapter questions. Most of the guide is non-consumable, but there were four pages (three maps and an Ecuador fact sheet) that we needed to write on.

I found this an easy resource to use. As I said, the kids read the book eagerly. Then we used the guide to discuss Jim's life. The kids answered the chapter questions and chose an essay question to write about. They looked for the book titles at the library, but we couldn't find any so we are saving our money to buy a couple. We looked up on a map the places mentioned in the story, (although some were a little difficult to find on our modern map) and then we marked them on the maps provided. In addition to all this, Kaytie is planning out a couple of projects to do on her own because crafts are simply not Nate's style.
In all, we really enjoyed this product and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more (or teaching their kids more) about the life of a truly remarkable man of God.


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