Dec 2, 2013

Creative Snow Fun

We got a little bit of a snowfall last week. The kids were thrilled. We were out of school anyway, so they were completely free to enjoy it.
Kaytie has spent years trying to make a snowman but we never really have enough or the right kind of snow so that she feels really successful. Throw in two onery brothers and dog... (the dog thinks that a snowman of any sort, even uncompleted or not very good ones are obviously markers for buried dog treasure, so she digs through the piled up snow hunting for it) and it's been a lot of frustration on the snowman front. But this year, Kaytie had a great idea. She took an old bucket, filled it with snow, packed it down, and dumped it out. Then she added the features. She wound up with a very cute little snowwoman...

We took pictures quickly before the dog ate it.

We live on the High Plains, which means not a lot of hills for sledding. So the kids decided to build their own! They had a great time hauling and packing a mound of snow and then slid down it! They are nothing if not creative.

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