Dec 14, 2013

I Bet You Didn't Know

Today, we share with you some little known Christmas trivia:

Did you know that the Wise Men rode to Bethlehem on camels named "Fluffy" and "Spit the Wonder Camel"?

I didn't think so... but now you do.

Actually, ever since we put up the Nativity set this year, oddities have erupted. First, the angel that is supposed to be on top of the stable mysteriously disappeared and has not been found despite the missing person's report and her picture on our milk jug... Honestly, I had very little faith in the milk jug anyway, since we didn't have a photo of her and the drawing that the we could come up with did not exactly do her justice...

Then there was a whole series of atrocities perpetrated upon the innocent Nativity figures, prompting me to say things like, "Take Baby Jesus OUT of your mouth!" and "No! Don't use Baby Jesus as a bowling ball!"

One morning I walked into the living room to see the two Wise Men lined up on the hearth in a festive sort of firing line, with Daniel on his tummy on the floor, taking careful aim with his new nerf gun. He blasted away and wise men spun and fell. I yelled, "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Why are you shooting the Wise Men with your nerf gun!" 
He answered matter-of-factly, as he took careful aim again, "Because I already shot Joseph and the Shepherds."

But apparently, the Nativity decided to fight back because a few days later I heard Daniel shout in anguished tones, "Oh no, Nate! You just got injected with camel venom!!!"

I think we might be celebrating Christmas just a little bit differently than most people...

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