Mar 26, 2014


Photo: Magellan, the Seafaring Hedgehog

Our newest family member came home on Saturday. His arrival was much anticipated and eagerly awaited. We decided last December that we wanted a pet hedgehog, but first, we had to wait until we had the money to spend. Then, we had to wait until our local breeder had babies available. And THEN, we had to wait until he was old enough to leave his mommy. 

But finally, he was able to come home. We named him Magellan, the Seafaring Hedgehog. And he is adorable! He sleeps during the day, and gets up about the time we (that's the kids and me) go to bed at night. But he will get up and play if we wake him up during the day. As you can imagine, he's not a very snuggly pet, but he is curious and loves to explore. He has a great sense of smell... his nose is always twitching unless he is asleep. When he is startled, he pulls his quills up over his eyes and when he is truly frightened or asleep, he curls up in a ball of quills.

He is quite easy to care for, requiring cat food and water and gentle handling. We have learned not to pick him up with a strong food smell on our hands because if you smell good he thinks you are good to eat and does so. He has strong little teeth. His quills are not really prickly unless he flexes them at you because he is scared or grumpy. He is usually grumpy right when he first wakes up. (So he fits in well in this house!)
He does entertain us with curiosity, his persistence, and his running on his hamster wheel. He will run hard for awhile, then climb off and sniff all around his cage as if he is figuring out he hasn't really gone anywhere, then he gets back on and runs and runs some more. But he is always disappointed because he always gets off the wheel in the same place he got on.

I was worried about him and Sofie getting along, but other than a few puzzled sniffs and some barking, Sofie pretty much leaves him strictly alone. She did get up and bark at him at 3am the first night, when she heard him running on his hamster wheel. She was obviously disapproving but huffed off to bed when I told her to go and has left him to his own weird devices every night since.

In short, he is a fabulous new pet and we are happy to have him.

*I have no pictures of Nate holding him because he won't hold him.

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