Mar 13, 2014

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Egglo Entertainment

We are big on holidays and celebrating around here, and that is mostly because of me. I have always loved special days, traditions and celebrations.And ever since I was very young I have believed that the best holiday of all is Easter. The whole reason for my faith, my hope, my very life is bound up in the sacrifice on the cross and that empty tomb. Christmas, while a miraculous event, has very little meaning without the accompaniment of Easter. Therefor, we celebrate it thoroughly. We do not "do" the Easter bunny, although my kids do get baskets and hunt eggs just for fun.

This year, however, the egg hunt will not just be for fun, but will have a deeper meaning attached to it, and that is because we were chosen to review Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs and the The Egg-Cellent Easter Adventure Book from Egglo Entertainment. This program was designed for the purpose of focusing your kids' celebration on Jesus and His truths.

We received a dozen glow in the dark Easter eggs, Scripture scrolls, a copy of the book, a PDF of the Egg-Cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide, and an audio download of Dick Wells reading the book aloud.

The Guide is more for larger groups like children's ministries. It describes how to plan a meaningful Easter egg hunt. It gives suggestions on how to decorate, ideas for snacks that reinforce the idea that Jesus is the Light of the world, a devotion to help you prepare to minister, and an object lesson, application activity, memory verse activity, story and review questions for the event. There are also review questions for the Egg-Cellent Easter Adventure Book. Finally, there are tips on conducting the egg hunt, and some printable resources like invitations, coloring pages, stickers and Bible verses to fill and/or decorate the eggs, posters, puzzles, and discussion questions.

Since my kids are well acquainted with the Easter story, and since there are only four of them, we didn't attempt most of the ideas in the Guide. Mostly, we focused on the novel (to us) parts of this product. The kids read the book together while listening to the audiobook. Then we turned out the lights and hunted the eggs. My kids absolutely love anything glow-in-the-dark, so this was a big hit. I was bummed that I could not get my camera to take a picture without a flash. :(

So you can't see the eggs glowing, but you can, at least, see that they had fun.

We set the eggs outside in the sun all afternoon, and they glowed strongly long enough for the kids to find where I hid them, and then to re-hide them for each other several times.

The paperback book is a story about three kids who go on a mysterious adventure in their attic and learn about courage, humility, and doing things God's way as well as the true reason we celebrate Easter. The story is engaging and the illustrations are beautiful. My favorite part, though, was the audiobook, so that I could just listen and enjoy along with the kids.

I thought the eggs were cool. I loved how they glowed in the dark! I liked the story because I liked how they had animals lead them to where they needed to be. I learned that being humble and asking others for help is better than just doing everything yourself. And that God can help me be courageous. My favorite part was the egg hunt, although finding the eggs in the dark was easier than finding eggs in the daytime. Light stands out in the dark.

They just glow green not the colors that the eggs are, which was disappointing. But it was fun to hunt for them. The book was a little surprising. It was more fun than the eggs. It was an exciting story. The important part of the story is where we find out that Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus. 

I liked the eggs because they glowed and it was easier to find them! I liked the book because they went to ancient Egypt, Easter Island and a volcano. It taught me to be humble and let others go before me and that God is the Light.  The dark is sin and evil. 

They were fun! The eggs could glow! And the book was very, very exciting! They went into Egypt and Easter land and all those cool places. I learned that we celebrate God on Easter. He died on the cross and rose from the dead! 

Egglo Entertainment is intended for ages 4 to 13, but can be adapted to fit any age. I really enjoyed this product and wish that I had had it available back in my Kid's Ministry days. This would be a great way for any church or group to use for their Easter celebration! The kids had fun, too, and have each asked several times if we are going to use them again at Easter.

To hold your own hunt, or just to explore the concept that Jesus is the Light in our dark world, you can buy the following products from Egglo Entertainment:

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Glenys Nellist said...

Hi Laura, First visit to your blog today. Thanks so much for sharing about Egglo..what great fun! And I love it that your children review products. What a wonderful idea. Blessings!


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